Monday, May 12, 2008

Free excuses for everybody, love from Mom

The Husband excuse:
Honey, you know I've been working really long hours, but I did take 5 minutes out of my workday to call in an order of flowers for you and for my mom. I really don't know if you like flowers or flowering plants, but my mom likes bouquets so that's what I got you. Also, I can't find any jewelry stores anywhere and I'm too scared to go in and actually look at jewelry and let's face it, you're no trophy wife honey, so I stopped off at the drugstore and got you a card. I grabbed some chocolates too. I couldn't remember which kind are your favorites, so I just got some that looked interesting.

The 11-year old daughter excuse:
Mom, I totally forgot, ok? I have this cool book that I just want to lie on the couch and read, and I didn't even notice that other people were saying 'happy Mother's Day' to you so how was I supposed to know? And yeah, I know we have a bunch of blank cards in the closet and stuff, but I'm just too cool for doing something like that. By the way, I'm screwing up in Humanities class, but if you'll make an extra trip to pick me up later from school, I can go to history movie club and get some extra credit, thanks.

The 10-year old son excuse:
I have boy brain.

The 10-year old daughter needs no excuse. She made me 3 cards and 2 craft projects, wished me happy Mother's Day dozens of times and gave me all the love in her heart.

I guess it's worth keeping the job one more year.

2 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Beth said...

Kids, huh?! Sometimes I guess they really are in a world of their own. And men... really... there is just no exscuse for them. LOL! Thankfully your younger daughter was able to show you how much she cares. And you know everyone else does too... even if they are too wrapped up in their own minds to remember to tell you. Happy belated Mothers Day!

Threeundertwo said...

Thanks! I went out and bought myself some almond roca. They should have "After Mother's Day" sales like the after Christmas sales so we can go and get the stuff people didn't get for us.

It baffles me how little some members of this household understand the incredible importance of chocolate in my life.

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