Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My kids rock

They eat books for breakfast.

Here's drama girl wearing the Greek chiton I made for her leading a cheer for her 6th grade olympics team yesterday. (She's on the far right, wearing her hair in pigtails exactly the way I did in 6th grade. If she knew, she'd be mortified).
I found this swarm of Potato people in the living room this morning. Wasabi girl made them. She and her twin brother are the "normal" ones in front, the rest of us are following them. I'm the one in the Buzz Lightyear shoes. For the record, she is 10 years old, not 2 as one might suspect. Note that the cats are in their usual daytime spot. When they die I'm going to have them stuffed and put them there. Nobody will know the difference.

This is some sort of statement about discipline in our house. Jungle Boy created this vignette. Is that me in the pointy shoes? I don't think my mustache is quite that big.

1 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Widney Woman said...

I don't see any with 'angry eyes'. My husband's former boss was known to lose his temper. He had a Mr. Potatoe Head on his desk. We SO tried to find 'angry eyes', like Mrs. Potatoe Head packed in Toystory. If you find some, let me know.

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