Monday, May 19, 2008

Photographic Evidence of Alien Abduction

I've heard of this before. Perfectly normal pre-teen girls abducted by aliens and replaced by clones who appear similar in appearance but exhibit bizarrely different behavior from the original. I never believed it until today. Last night I entered Drama Girl's room which is usually a pit of despair and found the following items:

This is a multi-level bunk bed she created for her American Girl dolls and all their junk. It is organized on every level. Note the carefully arranged stuffed animals. Not the work of human hands.

I'm not sure, because I've never seen it before, but I believe this flat surface is actually the top of Drama Girl's desk.

This is clever, because Drama Girl might actually do something like this, if she could find all these pieces. This represents about $30 spent for tokens for stupid kiddy-arcade games at a pizza place. She turned in her winning tickets for this junk. Please somebody, tell me your daughter collects garbage like this. I'm saving this photo to show her when she comes home from college someday asking for a loan.

Call Scully and Mulder. I'm dusting for fingerprints. But please, oh wise beings from afar who have taken my real daughter, don't return her just yet - I'm really enjoying this one.

2 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Elizabeth said...

Ah, how I pray for organizationally excited children.
'Course I was the WORST as a child,
so I shouldn't get so upset...
Oh well, off to clean the girls' room & closet...hopefully we will emerge sometime later this week.
Blessings, EJT
PS, finally a new post at my place!

Beth said...

How I dreaded when my mother would tell me it was time to clean my room. I was a packrat and had trouble letting go of things with "sentimental" value. Mom was NOT a packrat. Furthest thing from it. I remember *bags* of stuff leaving my room. And now... I hate having clutter in the house. (I'm still not great at getting rid of it bur moving sure helps. Who wants to lug all that crap from one apartment to another?)

Here's hoping Alien Daughter sticks around for just a bit more. LOL!

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