Friday, June 13, 2008

Elementary School: Our Parting Shot

School's finally out for the year. The twins said farewell to their elementary days and I almost didn't cry. Just like I almost didn't cry on their first day of kindergarten there.

It's hard to leave a place we've loved so well. The little school down the street will always be a fond memory. Except for one little thing, for which I got my revenge today.

Thursday is our day to be "morning greeters" who open car doors and help keep traffic moving smoothly on the school cul-de-sac. This has been my purpose in life for the past nine months: to train the nitwit drivers to pull all the way forward to drop their little darlings in front of the school. There is a staircase at the entrance to the cul-de-sac and many people stop their cars there, oblivious to all the cars piling up behind them in the intersection. You have to believe me, it was a nightmare when people did this. Some even parked their cars and walked with their kids, ignoring the numerous "No Parking" signs.

So on the first day of school I took the initiative and had the twins stand out there with me with handmade signs that read "Please Pull Forward" and "Don't Stop Here." We waved them forward and took turns opening car doors and greeting them at the correct spot. Our signs caught on, and all the morning greeters started using them.

We volunteered to greet every Thursday, and through rain and cold and rough weather, we've been there, waving our arms to get people to pull forward. Some drivers are so oblivious it took them months to get with the system, even with the Principal helping us. The signs finally fell apart, but the drop-off situation has improved dramatically.

And then today, we held out signs again. I'm just so done with this morning greeter gig. So Wasabi Girl and I made a list of what we really wanted to say, and she printed them beautifully on signs. I wish I'd gotten a picture of them in their safety patrol vests. The signs we held today said;

  • Go Ahead! Make a Traffic Jam!
  • Let Your Kid Off Anywhere!
  • Don't Pull Forward!
  • Park Your Car Sideways!
  • We're Just Waving Our Arms For Fun!
  • Stop Anywhere, See If We Care.
To their credit, every single driver laughed. Many rolled down their windows and thanked us for being morning greeters. Some told me they'd miss me. I'll miss them too.

Nothing like going out with a laugh.

8 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Madge said...

i love that you did this! it's to funny. i think car pool line shows the true intelligence of a person -- of course it's often before coffee or a shower, but still......

noble pig said...

Oh that's awesome...I bet you made everyone's day.

Elizabeth said...

Great Signs.
I used to teach in a K-8 school. We spent an ENTIRE YEAR trying to get everyone to obey simple traffic regulations INSIDE the school. I had signs everywhere...KEEP RIGHT...Let the lillte kids go first...etc. It worked as long as all the teachers were watching out for everyone...eventually, it was just me. I gave up, got married, had babies & homeschool them...My luck, we bought a house down the street from the elementary school...I have mom traffic up and down the street all morning and afternoon...they're not always so nice either...
Blessings & Happy Summer! EJT

What A Card said...

That is so funny! What a great morning that must have been...

Happy summer vacation!

Cheryl Lage said...

What a perfect year-ending idea! My dream invention is a car horn that in a really nice voice says, "Please take your car in for service; your turn signal is not working!" ;)

Our two have been calling themselves first graders (kindergarten ended yesterday) all day today. Congrats to your new "middle schoolers!"

Elizabeth said...

OOOOH, I'm so excited. I know your not sure about posting photos of the event...but please let us know how the recital goes!!!
Yeah, I think the HUGE oink bow really did make that first recital costume...Course the tutu wasn't bad either!
Blessings, E

jennifer said...

Love your sense of humor about the whole thing! Funny signs and I am so glad that people responded well.

Be blessed.


Good & Crazy said...

That's so funny. Let's come up with some more! Mine would prob. be too mean though.

Cell phones attached at ear optional.
Left your brain home today?

My school has the same disease. We even tried to get people to turn off engines when waiting at the walking line. They wouldn't. Aaargh.

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