Monday, June 9, 2008

Too Much Laundry, Not Enough Lit

Everything at our house has been off-kilter this week. Some of us have been grieving my father-in-law's death, some of us have been cooking. Some of us have not been in the mood to cook. My husband has taken the week off work to help my mother-in-law settle arrangements. It's usually fun when he's home, but there are dark clouds of sadness around him now. We've made a lot of phone calls to old friends to let them know. So many happy yet sad moments reconnecting.

This will be the last week of school and the flurry of activities involved with that has me drained. The twins are "graduating" from fourth grade and are getting ready for middle school next year (don't get me started on the overuse of the term 'graduation' - to me it should only apply to high school and college).

Drama Girl and Jungle Boy have their ballet recital this coming weekend, with all the attendant rehearsals and dress rehearsals and costume fittings.

As the mom, it's my job to worry. Why aren't the twins showing any signs of grief yet? Does the PTA have enough volunteers for field day? Who else do I need to recruit for the middle school PTA board? Will the rest of Jungle Boy's ballet costumes be ready in time? What's for dinner? What will Father's Day be like now that the patriarch of the family has just died? Does Wasabi Girl have something black to wear to the funeral? Are kids expected to wear black? Do all my tutors know when the last day of school is? Does anybody else need me right now?

Routines are falling by the wayside and we're all just rolling with it. But oddly for me, I'm not stressing out. Somehow everything will fall into place. What I really miss are my quiet times just to read or embroider. So I tell myself that in a week everything will be different and all of this will be behind us. Then it will be my chance to have more lit and less laundry.

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Cheryl Lage said...

As I sit here in my bathing suit and shorts (it's "Water Day" for the kindergarten), preparing to head over to the school to help volunteer, your post strikes a poignant chord. (Especially as I'm a bit off-put at the concept of "graduation" from anything other than high school or college as well.)

Wishing you needlework and lit soon. :)

noble pig said...

Oh I feel so bad. I hope the dark clouds are lifted soon and peace settles back on your home.

Amy said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. ((hugs)) And what a busy household you have! That must make for some great posts (seeing as I just found your blog though, I'll have to do same back reading). :)

I wanted to reply to your comment on my blog about introversion. You may (if you havent' read it already) really enjoy "Raising Your Spirited Child". It even has an introverted/extroverted part (includes a quiz too) and how an introverted parent can better understand an extroverted child (and vice versa), hence making parenting a little easier. Believe me, my oldest is extroverted and it really changed my outlook on her behviors and such and learn to appreciate much of them. As well as recognize her needs as well as mine.

Monkey Memories said...

So sorry things are a bit rough for you now. Hugs to your family!

And I entirely agree about the whole overuse of "graduation." It was all I could do to keep from rolling my eyes at how seriously some of the parents took our kindergarten graduation.

And, to answer your question on my blog, Rowdy is a boy. He's so pretty he gets called a girl all of the time. He's a sweetie but he's a tad naughty.

Elizabeth said...

Our local paper cover the local elementary school's......
PRE-SCHOOL "graduation" WHAT????
I don't even entirely believe in sending your kids to pre-school,
let alone "graduating"!
I DO have a neice Graduating from High School this year, though!
Wishing you peace and blessings and time to stitch & read.
Pax, E

magda said...

Funny about the graduation thing. My husband and I have been getting so many invites to "graduation parties" from high schoolers. He, having skipped high school entirely, doesn't understand that part of things at all. I, on the other hand, got to dress up as a bluebonnet and was given bubbles at my Montessori graduation, and all the other ceremonies I've been to since fall short (no bubbles or anything). We both have a history of trying to get out of graduation ceremonies, with only some success: that's his fault for being the valedictorian.

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