Friday, August 15, 2008

Bad Mood Busted

I was in a bad mood earlier today. First, I stayed home all day yesterday waiting for the Tillamook Cheese truck. As you may recall, I wrote a little post about my love of this particular cheese. Next thing I knew, I was getting emails that they would send me a coupon. Then they upped the ante and said the truck would come to deliver my cheese on the 13th.

What did it all mean? A brick of cheese? A basket? A lifetime supply? My thoughts ran wild.

So I promised to be home.

I promised a cheese company in another state that I would be home from 10-5 on a beautiful summer day with my three children.

It wasn't a great day. We live in a quiet neighborhood and at every sound from the street I made the kids jump up and see if it was the cheese truck. All day. And they did, bless their hearts. They also tripped and elbowed eachother in the process. And they got on my nerves and bugged one another. All day.

I wanted to go to the county fair. I wanted to see the quilts and the pig races and eat fried stuff. It would have been a perfect day for it. No piano lessons scheduled. No lessons of any kind. But we stayed home instead, because the cheese was coming.

But the cheese never came. Evil cheese. Dashed my dreams of dairy goodness. I sent an email and today I heard that "someone is looking into it." Don't destroy my dreams like that, Tillamook cheese. I don't think I can wait for you again.

Then this morning I got a call that the school district has lost my substitute teacher employee file. Again. Would I mind getting my fingerprints and having my transcripts sent again? Um, yes, actually I do mind.

Then I spent all afternoon in the car. I wont bore you with the details, but by the end of the afternoon I was tearing my hair out and vowing I would never drive anybody anywhere again for the rest of my life. Not that I ever exaggerate or anything.

But I couldn't maintain my crankiness. The universe conspired against my mood swing.

When I arrived home after dropping somebody somewhere, Drama Girl opened the front door and said "I've made you tea." I could have wept. She almost never does stuff like that. It was so lovely of her.

Then I went through my mail and I found the sweet fabric basket I won from Quilt Taffy. It's so me, down to the pink rick-rack.

Also in the mail, a canvas for a needlepoint ornament I ordered off eBay. And get this; they sent me another one to go with it, because I live so close, and "paid too much for postage." So now I get to work on not one, but two, ornaments of animals with clothes. It's my lucky day.

To top it off, when I was waiting for Jungle Boy to finish his piano lesson, I popped into the thrift store and found a perfect vintage apron for $1.99.

I forgot what I was so cranky about. Thanks world. I think we'll go the fair tomorrow.

13 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Lidian said...

What a frustrating day! I'm glad that you had a few nice things happen to make up for that a little...waiting for deliveries is never fun. What is up with the Tillamook people? They ought to send you a whole truckful of cheese now, really. Or a lifetime supply, like Willy Wonka.

Beth said...

Its a great feeling when all seems to go against you and then the planets (or something) all line up and BAM! Your day just turns around. Glad it did a nice 180 for you. And curse Tillamook cheese! (But not really... because now I want some Extra Sharp Cheddar...)


Cheryl Lage said...

Maybe I can sway you now to the surpassing joys of Krispy Kreme over Tillamook! ;)

What insightful and lovely children you have. (Sign of good mothering if you ask me...) Enjoy some pig racin' and funnel cakes for me. Know today will be better from the get-go. :)

What A Card said...

Aw, isn't it sweet when things start going your way? Sorry it started out badly, but that makes it all the better when it turns around!

Re: your comment on my site about lamb and Middle Eastern food...yum! You might be interested in this recipe, subbing ground lamb for the ground turkey. Delish!

angie said...

I'm glad there was so much goodness when you got home that you could forget about the setbacks! :)

Sydney said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! i hope you enjoyed it! stop by again soon!

Hannah with Tillamook said...

This is Hannah on behalf of Tillamook. I am sorry to hear about the cheese not arriving. The reason we chose that method of delivery is because we do not have coupons for the garlic cheese you requested, and the only way to get it to you was to have the highly perishable cheese expressed shipped to your door with someone waiting to pick it up. Sadly, because we do not have an army of Tillamook trucks delivering cheese (wouldn't that be cool), we are subject to occasional delays of the mail system. While we are trying to figure out where your garlic cheese got lost in the mail, I can send you a coupon for our popular baby loaf, which won't have to be refrigerated, and wouldn't require you and the kids to spend another day inside.

noble pig said...

Wait, you have a Tillammok truck that comes to your house? Are you kidding? Have you ever been to the factort in Oregon where they have like 40 flavors of Tillamook ice cream? Gawd it's good and I'm jealous.

Melanie said...

Aahh the small and simple pleasures..good the day ended well.

Journey_of_Life said...

good to know things started going your way!

BoufMom9 said...

Perfect post! Great descriptions! I can just picture it, esp. the pig races!
Why the heck don't they send you your cheese? SHEESH!
BTW Fabulous end to your day too!

Anissa Mayhew said...

See! The universe wants you happy. So glad it all got the happies. You deserve that. Drama Girl deserves a big treat for knowing what you needed at the moment you needed it.

Marcy Writes said...

She made you tea?
I love that child.
Can you send her over here. She can just sit around and tell me interesting things and make me smile okay? Of course if she feels like making me tea or folding some laundry that would be nice too.
Thank you. Much appreciated

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