Saturday, August 16, 2008

What Memory Problem?


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I blame my kids for my memory problems. First, there are situations like the one above. It happened again today. A familiar-faced lovely woman exchanged warm pleasantries with me in the bookstore. I don't know her from Adam. You could have held a million dollars in front of me as a bribe if I could remember her name, and I would have failed. It's the kids' fault.

Three kids, multiple schools, multiple activities. My life is a complex web of mommy relationships. Did she know me from softball? Chess club? One of the PTA's I'm on? Have I played bunco with her? Maybe we go to the same salon or worked on costumes for a childrens play together.

I bet people with only one kid can keep their friends and acquaintances straight. Maybe my problem also lies in the fact that I talk to everyone, everywhere. As you can see, I can't suppress it, so I blog so I can talk to everybody everywhere.

Maybe she checks groceries for me.

I also blame the kids because they fill my head with tons of completely useless information. Did you know you're never more than 3 feet from a spider? Or that Napoleon never changed his underwear? I learn stuff like that and instantly forget entire semesters of statistics classes I took in college.

"Every time I remember the name of a student, I forget the name of a fish"
- ichthyologist and early Stanford President David Starr Jordan
I think I can also blame the kids because I am completely distracted all the time. During that moment in the bookstore, I was wondering where Drama Girl had wandered off to, was trying to stop Jungle Boy from doing pirouettes, and was trying to point Wasabi Girl in the direction of the American Girl books.

So I'm sorry, lovely mommy person in the bookstore, you caught me at a bad time; namely, out of context from where I usually see you. When I see you there again I promise I'll remember you.

It's not my fault.

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noble pig said...

Ugh, I have this same disease. If that person is not at the place I know them from, good luck with remembering. It's impossible...there'e too many people in their/our lives! I'm with you on this one.

eileen said...

I can so totally relate.

bad thing is.. it happens in blogland too. Thank goodness there is time to go look people up and see who they are!

remember me?

Jenn P. said...

I have the same disease too! I seems to just get worse and worse as time goes on...ugh!

Beth said...

I have this same problem... but no kids. Can I blame the cat???

Gerb said...

I am a firm believer in the idea that every time one of my children is born they take some of my (once fabulous) memory for themselves. More kids = less brain cells. I'm so doomed.

Widney Woman said...

I too am afflicted with this ailment. However, mine is in remission. We just moved to a new city, so I don't know anyone and no one knows me. The only place I've been consistently, is church. And I'm so new there, I am allowed to ask names and admit I have forgotten theirs. Sadly, I know the remission won't last for very long.

Cheryl Lage said...

Loved this post so if I could only remember who you were....and how I got here.... ;)

Katherine said...

I agree with Gerb - with each kid I lose more memory. I guess its a good thing I stopped at 2 or I'd forget my own name!

I'm horrible at remembering names out of place, but sometimes I can't even remember them in the regular places.

Monkey Memories said...

I only have one kid and my memory is shot. Seriously, today with his party going on I have repeatedly lost things and totally forgotten what I was doing multiple times! And I haven't even had a drink yet. Maybe it's time to hit the jello shots...

kawaii crafter said...

LOL, I have the same problem too. I blame my kids as well. I think in the process of child birth my brain was removed.

emma said...

I've always had this problem. Having kids just makes it so much worse! But I know I'm not alone because people often greet me with "Your the twins mom, right?"

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