Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Picture of Me and All About My Kids

Cheryl at Twinfatuation has tagged me for a meme. I'm always game for a challenge, so here goes;

1. Post a picture of you and your kids.

(It didn't say photo, did it?) I pulled this out from the vault. Wasabi Girl did it many years ago. I like to wear pink mini skirts up to there apparently. At least we all smile a lot.

2. How many children do you have?
Three - Oldest daughter Drama Girl and twins Wasabi girl and Jungle Boy.

3. What are their ages?
12 and 10 now.

4. What do you eat for breakfast?
Often cheerios, only in our house they are referred to as "Daddy cheerios" (the plain kind) and "Mommy cheerios" (multigrain). I like mine with grape nuts on top, which everyone calls "nutty nuggets." We also have Special K, Product 19 (hard to find these days), Rice Krispies and Chex. My husband often makes oatmeal (we like to let him think he's a great cook), and I often make pancakes, or eggs or omlettes. Sometimes I get up in the morning and make coffee cake or muffins, but the kids are out the door by 6:45 these days so that's not going to happen as much.

Dear husband makes the Peet's coffee every morning, and cleans out my favorite mug if it's dirty.

5. Do they watch TV?
No, none. We stopped our cable subscription years ago and without it we get zero TV stations. Once in a while they watch a DVD though.

6. What are their favorite activities?

Drama Girl loves acting, and is pretty good at it (don't all parents say that about their kids?) If I let her, she would read 24/7. I regularly confiscate books and flashlights from under her pillow.

Wasabi Girl is quite crafty. She's big into scrapbooking (didn't get that from me!) and is learning how to quilt. She is uber-social and hangs out with friends a lot.

Jungle Boy is passionate about ballet. He doesn't stop when he leaves the studio every day, but does pirouettes endlessly in the dining room. He also reads voraciously, and fast. He's a scout and enjoys doing the camping-oriented activities. Also a gymnast. Come to think of it, he doesn't sit still much.

7. Do you get a break away from them during the day?
They're in school from 7:00-2:30.

8. How do you end your day?
Um, yelling at them to brush their teeth and get into bed already? Maybe I shouldn't put that.

9. What is your best parenting advice or tip?
Select a husband who knows how to mix drinks well.

16 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Monkey Memories said...

LOVE the parenting tip! :)

Cheryl Lage said...

Wasabi Girl's family portrait speaks volumes! (Not only about your penchant for wanton leg display, but really..could those smiles be any more gleeful? Kids' art is as real world does...)

Unknowingly -- clearly through divine intervention -- I married the kind of man mandated by your parenting tip. Literally a God-send!

(Thanks so much for doing the meme! And yes, the "blog guilt-free" is ever-so freeing! )

Katherine said...

To go with your Cheerios, we have Mommy pickles (bread and butter) and Daddy pickles (dill). My 9 yo chooses his pickles by shape though - he prefers the chips, in either flavor!

Lidian said...

Ah, Product 19! Best cereal ever. My darling family makes great fun of the name though. They think it sounds like something out of Orwell's 1984.

Wish we had it here in Canada, they don't know what they're missing.

That is a great picture BTW!

Nancy said...

LOL!! I *knew* there was a reason I chose Mike as a husband...your parenting tip explains it all ;)

Love the family picture - we're starting to get some family pictures here as well, but since the kids are still under 4, they are more like circles and sticks right now.

noble pig said...

Without TV I would need a hubby who makes good drinks! I always thought I would die without television, apparently I won't, that's something to think about. Good meme!

Coloradolady said...

Love the Photo!! I have a few of those. They are great. Cute Post this morning.

Sisters&Style said...

Cheap! I was over for the real deal. Who is the Lit behind the curtain I ask??

Scary Mommy said...

Cheater! I twittered over here hoping to put a face to a name. ;P

Amy said...

LOL I Can't say I've ever worn a pink mini skirt either!

Denise said...

I completly agree with your parenting tip!! I don't drink awhole lot of mixed drinks, but pick out a good daddy and the battle is mostly won!

Elizabeth said...

Loved your answers, but the last one made me LOL! Thanks.
I love your kids enthusiasms...such fun watching them find themselves.
Pax, E

Laura said...

I think the "photo" should be the 2008 Christmas card.
I'm just sayin...

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Now that is a picture to frame....I miss having things like that around the house...thanks for the comment on my NPNT post, I'm here to twist your arm...what else do I need to do to temp you in starting....

Anissa Mayhew said...

I so wish I had the courage to give up cable. It drives me insane to see how much my kids love tv, but they come by it honestly, so who can I blame?

Jocasta said...

Great picture and great meme

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