Monday, September 8, 2008

Remembering Summer

This is how I want to remember this summer. One perfect day last July, on a walk with Wasabi Girl. Technically, I walked, she skated.

The quilter in me loved all the flowers. She stopped and waited for me while I took pictures.

These are my favorite colors. This is what summer feels like to me.

This guy got in this car and drove it. I'm sure has a whole story about this car. Wish I knew it. Looking at this picture reminds me to take life in the slow lane when I can, and enjoy the ride. Time flies.

Wasabi Girl would skate to the end of the block and then back to me. She is my kid who stays close. Her independence is quieter than the others. This image will always help me remember this perfect day. I'm going to pull it out and look at it in January when it's cold and gloomy. And then I'll look at it when she moves away from home someday, and I'll remember that she always came back to check in, because that's the way she is.

Coming tomorrow: About that harp

Responses to comments from yesterday: Making Heroes

Lidian, I think some young people just get infected with a dance bug! It certainly surprised us too. noble pig, thank you! I'm just along for the ride at this point. The support isn't too hard, since his dance teacher isn't charging us for most of his lessons. She wants to give him every opportunity to work now, while he's a perfect age and so enthusiastic. He just sort of lives at the dance studio. Jocasta and Denise, I think it's wonderful and rare that someone can find something like this that really speaks to their heart. It's fun to watch. Cynthia, it is a good goal to support what's important to them in the present. I keep reminding myself that next year it might be something else. *TONYA* LOL, I didn't expect you to read them all. Darn kids always get in the way of our blogging time, don't they? And I love that he loves it so much too.

10 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Beth said...

Ahhhh... those perfect summer days. They help me get through the colder winter days too. But then again... sometimes I enjoy the chilly, brisk December days just as much. As long as you're spending the time with someone you love then the weather doesn't seem to matter as much. Looks like you and Wasabi Girl had that part taken care of!


Blakely said...

Looks like a nice day. The flower are beautiful.

What A Card said...

Wow...real skates! I have a pair of rollerblades, that I fall down on a lot. Should have kept looking for those good ol' fashioned skates.

It does look like a lovely day. How did summer pass by already? Of course, it's 80 degrees here so it still feels like summer!

Amy said...

I actually can wait for summer here only because it gets so humid and sticky but I am looking forward to the flowers blooming around the neighbourhood :-)

Good N Crazy said...

Sweet. I love the flowers too...

Sigh. I miss my little garden back in Utah. Shrubs here, no grass. Prev. owner loved roses. Me, not so much.

noble pig said...

That's so sweet, I love the old skate style.

angie said...

What great glimpses of summer. Making me nostalgic already! :)

Scary Mommy said...

What a perfect day. Making me nostalgic already, too, and it's still 85 degrees here!

Eileen said...

I really like the thought about the man with the car having a story.
Hope I'm not throwing you off on the comment thingy by commenting on yesterday's today. Guess you can figure it out. :-)
And my daughter is also one of your followers, she just doesn't ever comment. We race to see who can read your blog first.
I left you a badge over at my place.. you can come and grab it if you like. No strings attached to this one.

Des said...'re so thoughtful and pensive today. I love that! This is exactly how I viewed my summer. simple and serene. Beautiful.

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