Sunday, November 30, 2008

Field Trip: Dickens Fair

Every Christmas season we go to the Dickens Fair in San Francisco. It's a huge recreation of Victorian London, complete with characters from Dickens novels recreating scenes from the books everywhere you turn. Here is Charles Dickens himself. I asked him if I could use my modern photography machine to take his picture with my kids, and he asked if his son could be in the picture as well. Please ignore the anachronistic exit sign in the background.

Marley's ghost mingled about everywhere, invisible to most of the denizens of London. At one point when he was nearby, I turned to my sister in law and said "I'm actually a little afraid of him" so of course he jumped out at me and I screamed. Here he is skulking about while Jungle Boy discusses the ending of "War of the Worlds" with H.G. Wells.

What has the elf been up to?

Duncan and his friend Meteor got into the video games and spilled them all over the floor. Apparently they were playing Mario Kart last night. The kids think Meteor probably won. I made them clean up the mess.

To answer a question from yesterday, if you'd like to play along at your house, you can get your own elf here.

11 people stopped folding laundry to write:

belinda said...

wow....what fun!!!

BoufMom9 said...

That looks like such a great night! How fun! Love that they stay in character while mingling.

Kellan said...

That looks really fun and love the picture of your kids - too cute! Glad everyone enjoyed it!

Have a great day - Kellan

rachael said...

how fun!

Cheryl Lage said...

Omigosh what fun the Dickens Faire looks to be! Reminds me of the living history events that used to occur at a historic house where I used to work (not as an living history interpreter, as a tourguide!)

That Duncan is a mischief maker...does he have a wee bit of leprechaun blood in him?

Alisa said...

How fun!
Duncan best stay away from Max. So far, Max has been nice and quiet. I hope he's not sick!

LuAnn said...

The Dicken's Fair looks like fun and a great place to take your kids. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

cc said...

love the pics!!!

I have to have one of those elves!

Laura said...

I'm teaching A Christmas Carol with my 7th grade right now.
Before Thanksgiving break Scrooge had just seen his tombstone.
I can't wait to tell them about this fair.
(And thanks for the ELF connection. I forwarded it to my friend.)

Scary Mommy said...

Oh, how fun!!! What a great way to spend an evening!

jamie said...

Beautiful kids! Thanks so much for visiting Travel Savvy Mom and linking back. If you have Adobe Photoshop Elements, I can show you how to say goodbye to ugly exit signs FOREVER! ;)

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