Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Wishes

Like many moms, I keep a family notebook and a Christmas notebook. Last year at Christmas time, I decided to discard the blank wish list pages and instead created a very focused set of questions. The answers I got from each child renewed my faith and outlook on the season.

I've attached the file as a pdf. This is my first attempt at getting all fancy like this so I hope it works.

Personal Christmas Page

I got some interesting responses this year. For the question about favorite charity, the kids listed the local food bank, the World Wildlife fund, and Malaria No More. For favorite song, Drama Girl listed "Last Christmas" - proof that at age 12 she is intent on driving me insane. She was singing it around the house yesterday.

"Best gift they ever received" revealed that the handmade teddy bears and Raggedy Anns I made when the kids were little were worth the effort. Way to melt my heart just before Christmas kids. For "Gifts under $10" everyone wrote gel pens. Who knew gel pens were so great? I think Santa might be able to manage that one.

I'm armed with everything I need to know to not only do my Christmas shopping, but to make the season meet everyone's expectations. When the holiday is over, I'm saving these pages as a snapshot of their tastes at this age. I hope you find it as useful and revealing as I do.

What has the elf been up to?

Duncan went to visit Icicle the Polar bear in his snow cave. He seems to have left a trail of crackers. Messy little elf. Jungle Boy made the snow cave when I asked him to pick up all the cotton balls from the "snowball fight" the other day. I think it's pretty cute.

9 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Monkey Memories said...

LOVE the idea of personal Christmas pages! :) Can't wait until Monkey's old enough!

The Review-or said...

I love this. I printed out copies for both my kids - I need some stocking stuffer ideas and maybe another gift for a certain 9 yo boy, who only put 2 items on his list.

I hope this comment posts - I tried from my regular computer and it won't give me the magic word to type in.

owlfan said...

Actually The Review-or was not him. It seems my 12 yo has created a blog - that he has posted on once.

Jennifer Suarez said...

Well damn, my hastily ripped out sheet of notebook paper that I gave my girls this weekend just seems lame now. LOL! What a great idea. Perhaps I'll file it away in my mind for next year. Gosh I hope it doesn't get lost in the clutter I have in there.

Cheryl Lage said...

What a wonderful -- and faith restoring --- idea! And can I tell you, I think that elf is a hoot? What a little miscreant, he!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

That Christmas wish list is a fantastic idea. Keeps it real. The sky is NOT the limit.

Hope you're having a fantabulous day!

belinda said...

your're creating some great keepsakes for when your young-uns are older..good for duncan.....bad elf!!...bad messy elf!

noble pig said...

What a great idea with the lists, I should have done that...oh well next year.

Laura said...

Great great idea.
Wouldn't it be so much fun to know what we were longing for when we were 8 or 9?
I'm pretty sure that most of the time I was thinking about candy in my stocking.
Boy, I loved candy.

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