Saturday, December 6, 2008

Extreme measures.

Lit and Laundry

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Lit and Laundry

What has the elf been up to?

Apparently he organized a hockey match with a rival team. They must have found one of the corks we left on the floor for the cats to play with.

If you would like an elf for your house, visit Elf Magic.

8 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Cheryl Lage said...

Was it the Misfits vs. The Webkinz? Looks like a pretty intense matchup! (At least you are couth enough to give the corks to the cats...I let my kids play with them...hmmm. Suppose that's poor form....)

noble pig said...

Who won?

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Yeah what Noble Pig said...who won? *lol*

I am seriously gonna have to get into the webkinz/beanie action around here. I think the Little Imp would appreciate the departure from the boredom our days have become!

BTW, the comic is hilarious! My folks live out in So Cal as so most of my family and my mom in particular starts to complain when it hits the 60's, about it being too cold. Oiy! I live in Maine and right now it's a balmy 23F outside! *lol*

Julie B. said...

OMG - your pics have me LMAO!!!! I love the creative setups. My 3 year old likes to pose her little friends too (

BUT - she's got nothing on you!!! I hope the elf keeps up the fun!

Patty said...

I'm just happy it gets cold enough here (So Calif) so I can wear sweaters. I did put some cardboard in the bottom of my Little House, thinking that would make it sit flat. I still think the problem is my wonky hand hing.

Patty said...

Uh, "hand hing" should be hand stitching.

Jenn P. said...

LOL! It looks like a good game!

belinda said...

oh!.......crazy elf!

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