Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finished for Friday: A Christmas Carol

Oh dear, Mr. Scrooge has me working late on Christmas Eve, and it's so cold in here!

Get back to work and quit muttering Cratchitt! Can't you see I'm busy counting my money?

Scrooooooge! I am the ghost of your dead partner Jacob Marley! Repent!

Wow, seriously? For a ghost you look like a mouse with a sheet over your head. Your tail totally shows.

I am the ghost of Christmas present! See how poor your clerk is!

Heigh-ho! Just carrying Tiny Tim around on my shoulder here! Isn't he pathetic?

Never mind that dear! I've got the pudding! I'm so Martha, even though we're so poor.

I've seen the light! I'm dressed in my best and I'm off to order the big goose for Bob Cratchitt and his family.

Link up and show us what you've been up to this week! And have a very Merry Christmas.

What has the elf been up to?

Sometimes the best place to hide is right in plain sight.

12 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Catherine said...

Those ornaments are fantastic! Where on earth did you get the patterns?
Your tree is wonderful -- made me smile the second I looked at it!

Laura said...

You could sell those for a bazillion dollars.
I like, to, that you have such a merry tree. I can see many fun and whimsical ornaments.
Love it all.

Widney Woman said...

You got a whole story done and all I managed was a Gingerbread house. One day, when I grow up, I want to be you. All hail the Queen!

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

Alisa said...

I love those ornaments! You are oh so very talented. Once again, I've got several almost finished projects...I'm running out of time! Must get back to work.

Patty said...

They are all so cute! I love the ghost of Christmas present one. I didn't start or finish anything this week (damn you, Facebook) but hopefully, next Friday I'll have something to post.

belinda said...

..oouuu...not afraid of heights 'BRAVE' elf!!

(you did a cute story with the stitchery)

mames said...

i love the mice, the boys would go crazy for them. they just watched ratatouille and now they kiss every mouse they see in their books. i love them all!

hey, where is mister linky? i will just put mine here so you can find it. happy holidays.

threeundertwo said...

hmmm... I can see Mr. Linky on my page. Sorry! Maybe hit the refresh button? (F5)

LuAnn said...

I love your cross stitched ornaments. I have a small tree here with the ones I've cross stitched, but I haven't made any new ones in a long time. Love your story to go along with the ornaments!!!!

Scary Mommy said...

Wow, you are too good! Those look awesome!

noble pig said...

They are so sweet, I love all your little ornaments!

Stitching Mama said...

Very nice!

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