Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Thursday: Ashleigh

Happy Thursday! I'm in a great mood today because my poor ancient cat Ashleigh seems to be on the mend. I'd include a picture of her but she's lost so much weight that she's a shadow of her former self. My dear husband has gone as far as buying chicken and roasting it so he can feed her little nibbles to whet her appetite. Spoiled cat much? Cute husband much?

She's back to her old demeanor and loud purrs so we're all grateful. I'm also very grateful for my wonderful vet.

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I'm thinking of my twins at Outdoor school today. Last week was gorgeous here in Northern California with record-breaking heat, so of course this week it's raining buckets. According to their big sister, who has been to outdoor school and in general knows everything, they have to go on hikes and do their nature lessons rain or shine. At least the cabins are snug and heated. And I know they have extra socks and such. Hope all their jeans aren't wet yet. I need to think of a special wonderful dinner for their homecoming tomorrow night.

Please join me tomorrow for "Finished for Friday" and link up a recent post of a project/book/craft you've finished. I promise to come cheer you on!

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Jennifer Suarez said...

Outdoor school sounds soooo awesome. With our crappy weather here in NY we wouldn't be able to have such an awesome thing!

Alisa said...

I wish my kids' school did outdoor school. It sounds like a lot of fun. I'm sure they'd be having more fun because of the rain.
Glad your kitty is bouncing back. Silly animals, don't they know we worry more about them when they get sick than our kids? At least our kids can tell us where it hurts.

Raggedy Girl said...

Glad to hear that Ashleigh has rebounded. Praying for your kids at 'rainy camp'
Roberta Anne

Scary Mommy said...

Glad Ashleigh is doing better, and Outdoor school sounds like a blast!!

Debbie said...

I hope your sweet cat makes a full recovery. And I wouldn't worry about your kids. You know how kids love a little messy weather.

Klucky said...

Oh I'm so glad Ashleigh is doing better!
I don't know if they still make it or not but Science Diet used to make a chicken and rice canned food that we used to give our old kitty when she was sick. It is good stuff - it looks like chicken and rice you would make for dinner, just run through a food processor. Our kitty loved it! Maybe that would help get some weight back on her (that is if she likes canned food - some kitties don't).

Cheryl Lage said...

Omigosh! How elated I am to learn of Ashleigh's 9th (or maybe even 8th!) life!

Tell her to savor that chicken, fatten up, and get back to feline business.

So happy for you ThreeUnder. :)
(Thank you for your kind, kind comment. Hope to live up to it.)

Goddess in Progress said...

Thanks for playing along, and I'm SO glad to hear kitty is doing better!!

Lindsay-ann said...

Outdoor school sounds wonderful. It's something we could never have in England because of the climate. I am sure the twins are having a fantastic time. My daughter (age 12) is sooooooo jealous.
Good news about your cat. I hope she continues to improve.

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Outdoor school sounds awesome! I wish something like that had been around a few years ago when my own twins were that age. Living in Maine now, I hope we have something like that when the Little Imp is older.

So glad your precious purr baby is doing better. I know I complain a lot about my cats, and the dog, but I'd just be beside myself if one of them were to become ill!

Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear that your precious feline is feeling better. My cat Lilly was a rebounder, too. She hung on for quite a while after vet#1 wanted to put her to sleep. My Tilly loved her so much that she said "Lilly" three months before she said "Mommy".... :)

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