Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Thursday

Goddess in Progress is hosting Happy Thursday. A chance to get through this tricky not-quite-the-weekend day and proclaim what we are happy about. It's a good exercise in counting my blessings.

I'm happy my husband is home from his business trip. He had a rough few days in Las Vegas, poor guy; eating at restaurants, going to Cirque du Soleil, and doing a little gambling while I was nursing a sick cat and a sick kid. Misery loves company and he was just having too much fun. I missed him.

I'm happy I finally beat somebody at monopoly this week. I used to be terrorized by my brothers into playing this endless, hopeless game, but now that I have children of my own who play, I find that I can outwit a 10 year old at last. Of course, it helps that I'm the only one who read the instructions all the way through. On a serious note though, it has been fun to spend hours playing this with my son this week.

I'm happy that it's been 70+ degrees here for the past few days. It's ridiculous, really, when I see what's happening in places like Minnesota. It's like global warming has only hit California.

I'm happy that the situation with the PTA that I've been struggling with has finally turned a corner. For better or worse. Thank you WaMu for stepping in and freezing the rogue PTA account. Now we'll see if that parent has been embezzling money.

I'm happy that I've got some stitching done to show for tomorrow's Finished for Friday. I hope you can join me and show any kind of project or book you've finished this week!

7 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Goddess in Progress said...

I'm glad things are looking up! That reminds me, I have one little bit to do to Finish for Friday! (No, it's not the quilt, but at least it's something...)

Thanks for playing along!

Cheryl Lage said...

Don't faint dead away, but I actually undertook a crafty project and was SOOOO hoping it'd be done by tomorrow, but it looks like it will be NEXT Friday.

Keeping good thoughts for your home and kitty.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I know. This California weather is amazing. But we do catch on fire regularly.

Eileen said...

oooo.. enjoy the monopoly while you can. I can't ever win at any games anymore!

I'll have to find something creative for tomorrow..

Raggedy Girl said...

Happy you are no longer suffering all alone. I was never good at Monopoly either so maybe I just need to find some small people to play with. How is Ashliegh doing?
Roberta Anne

noble pig said...

Glad things are looking up and hubby is home from his playdate!

Widney Woman said...

EXCELLENT list. It was refreshingly different from the norm most people put out there. But I have come to expect greatness from you - like your Finished for Friday piece (very pretty!).

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