Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lofty goals

I'm not much of a resolution person, and when I make them they tend to be of the easy sort like "floss more."  I hate failure.

But I do make goals every year, and looking back, I accomplished quite a few that I made last year. So here is this year's list of goals (in no particular order):

Finish 10 quilts.  This includes finishing off all the quilt tops that are waiting patiently in a pile.  I'm going to focus on piecing smaller quilts this year, like doll quilts.  I also plan to give each of the kids a new bed quilt next Christmas.  

Double my Technorati rating for this blog.

Walk without pain or limping.  This would be the first time in years if this happens.  Hoping that surgery in the new year will fix everything.

Join the Christmas Ornament Stitch Along and make Christmas ornaments for everybody.  If you know me in real life, this is what you're getting for Christmas this year.  

Say no to volunteer jobs (I'm looking at you, PTA) and do more substitute teaching, where I actually get paid for my time.

Clean out the garage.  Let's not get in to how bad this is right now.  Trust me, it's a big project.

Keep up with the blogs in my reader.  I'm terrible at this right now.  I subscribe to many, and fall behind quickly.  Oh dear.  I just opened my reader and I see that now they have recommendations.  New blogs to read.  This may be my hardest goal.

More harp playing.  I hardly played any music at Christmas time this year, and that's some of my favorite music.  

Then there is the really-tough-probably-out-of-reach list:

Achieve and maintain my ideal weight.  Why does this get so much harder every year I get older?

Open an Etsy shop.  Thinking about it this year.  This is probably a goal for next year.

Read the entire Bible.  I've done this in a year about 4 times.  I have software that lets me read part of the Old Testament and part of the New Testament every day.  It is a challenge to finish it all in a year though.  I think the last time I did this was before I had kids.

And finally, goals I should make but won't:

Stop buying more fabric.  My stash is getting big, but how can I pass up fabric like this?

Stop buying books until I've read absolutely every book I already have.  This is a hopeless cause, and I know it.  I'm trying really hard to be good about this though.

Cook fabulous,  well-rounded, delicious meals for my family every night.  Let's get real.  I love to cook, but once in  while the pizza guy is my friend.

There it is.  As soon as I hit "publish" I'll probably think of a dozen more.  What are yours?

Join me tomorrow for "Finished for Friday."  Now with a button you can grab from my sidebar! Short on ideas?  This Friday you can show us that 2008 calendar you finished, that empty bottle of champagne from last night, that Christmas tree you hauled out to the curb.  Get creative and join in.  Happy New Year!

5 people stopped folding laundry to write:

noble pig said...

Happy new Year to you...I can't wait to follow along and watch you reach your will do it!

Jocasta said...

Happy New Year!

Hope you get to reach your goals. Mine are: Lose weight!, Not to add salt to meals for an entire month! and i'm aiming to make it an entire week as a vegetarian. For some reason I have a huge amount of difficulty with the last two. As for losing weight I just need to be more motivated! I've got a few exercise ones as well!

belinda said...

.....well, I'm hoping the year is a fruitful one for you and your talents!!

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Looking forward to following you on your goals. I have some of my own that I really need to work on too.

Am so glad I found you in 2008!I sooo appreciate the friendship and support. Here's to looking forward to 2009!

BTW, I LOVE the new layout. I makes me think of spring and warmer temps and my gorgeous tulips blooming again!

Annie said...

OK 10 quilts? It took me six years to finish one, and I love it. It actually took about six weeks to do the top, and 5 years 48 weeks to concede that it needed to go to a quilt shop to quilt it. But I do love it, it's my blog header.

2nd. How can you not buy that gorgeous fabric?

I hope that whatever pain you're having goes away, I began last year with some severe shoulder pain, and it's amazing how consuming it is.

Best of luck in your New Year.

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