Monday, April 27, 2009

Drama Girl Fire Drill

So there we were, sitting on the couch enjoying a movie on a Saturday afternoon. My husband and son were off on a camping trip and we girls were enjoying some girl time.

The phone rang. The answering machine clicked on "Hello? Drama Girl? We were expecting you for your audition a few minutes ago. We'll be here until 5:00. I guess you're on your way!"

What? The Children's Theater audition for Fiddler on the Roof was today? How could we have messed up that date?
***Commence panic mode.***

"Mom where's my monologue book?" wailed Drama Girl, as she transformed herself from drab to fab in under 60 seconds - a process which takes over 40 minutes on school mornings.

"I'll help you look, I just have to print the application packet!" said I, as I cursed the slow loading of pdf files on my computer. "Wasabi Girl! Please run downstairs and grab the forms that come off the printer!" Meanwhile part of my mind was thinking "isn't it a bit late to be memorizing a monologue?"

We jumped in the car a minute later, held up only by the printer which refused to print any faster no matter how much Wasabi Girl danced around it. Off we drove to the audition site, which luckily was only minutes away. I tried to give her a hurried pep talk. "Sing out! Are you going to sing the matchmaker song?"

"No, I'm going to sing a Kelly Clarkson song." (Gah! Why would she do that? She really should sing something from the musical.)

"Which part are you going to tell them you want?" (Please say the mother. If I'm going to donate a hundred hours of my volunteer time, you better have more than two lines.)

"Hodel. And don't worry mom. She has her own song. It's a great part." (That girl can read my mind.)

I slipped into the handicapped space right in front. Being lame does have it's rare advantage I guess. "I'll sit here and fill out the forms while you go in. Good luck!"

She bounced out of the car and my panic subsided. Nothing more I could do except sign my life away on the volunteer forms. I checked the dates on the rehearsal calendar. My husband and Jungle Boy are going to Catalina for a week in July for Boy Scout camp. I was hoping to take a vacation with the girls that week. No such luck. That week is "Tech Week," when she'll have long rehearsals every day just before the performance. Bye-bye vacation. I was only on the second page of forms when she came back out.

"All done mom, they'll take those forms when you're ready."

"All done? You were only in there two minutes!"

"I read a few pages for them and sang. They said I did great."

All that rushing for two minutes. Obviously the director already knows how he wants to cast her. Now we wait. The cast list will be finalized in a few weeks. Cross your fingers.

10 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Laura said...

Wanna make me cry?
Sing "Far From the Home I Love" (Hodel's song)
Gets me every time.
(I welled up just typing it...)

Raggedy Girl said...

What a story and I hate when you have to hurry to get somewhere. Good wishes that your daughter gets the part she wants.

Have An Amazing Monday
from The Raggedy Girl-Roberta Anne

Eileen said...

Mamma is sort of a Drama Girl herself. :-) But only on the inside.. I am sure you are very calm cool and collect. Hope she gets a good part.. and wish I could come watch your kids.

Klucky said...

Fingers officially crossed (though it makes it extremely hard to type)!

jungletwins said...

Wooo, exciting! I love Fiddler. Very cool that your daughter takes it all in stride. I would be a nervous wreck!


I'm glad they called!! How can they make us wait so long to find out??? I mean, the kids? How can they make the kids wait a few weeks to find out what part they got? Don't they know 3 weeks to a 12 yr old is like a year for adults...

noble pig said...

OMG she is so fabulous.

Alisa said...

Hope she gets the part! You are an great mom to go through all that!

Coloradolady said...

Sounds like she had the part before she ever showed up..thank goodness they called you!! Good luck.

Lindsay-ann said...

Glad you made it in the end. I look forward to hearing all about her part. What fun.

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