Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Extreme Crafting Part 2: Competitive Trash Collecting

Quilters are not the only competitive bunch out there. Embroiderers and other stitchers like to band together via the internet for fun little parties. One of the more common types is a "Stitch Along" (SAL), where a pattern is posted, usually monthly, and everyone makes their own to display. I usually can't keep up with stitch alongs or with "block of the month" quilts but I've finally found something created just for people like me.

The Totally Useless SAL

The goal of this online adventure is to save all of our stitching throw-aways for the year and display them in a pretty see-through container. You see, when you stitch, there is always that little bit left in the needle after you finish the thread and clip it. This is called an ort. I am not making this up. It's from the old English orte, meaning scrap, but you probably knew that already.

So each month at the new moon, we will proudly display our collection of orts. I don't have a cute container yet, but here is my lovely collection from the top of my sewing wastebasket. I didn't want to dig too deep into the tea bags and tissues.

I know, it's a pathetic start. But if you cheer me on, I'm sure I can collect plenty of orts. If you would like to join the Totally Useless SAL, be sure to visit YoYo at Dragon My Needle.

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HeatherV said...

Awesome title... you totally drew me in! I seem to save random stuff for art projects (either for myself or for Ben).

Posting mid-vacation pics later today on my blog.

What A Card said...

So, will you keep us updated with an Ort Report?

PS~~Consider this post a boon to any would-be crossword puzzler as well, as you can hardly get through a puzzle without knowing the word "ort" :)

The Mother said...

Competitive trash collecting???

And I thought my boys were the most competitive jerks in the world.

Not that I'm calling you and your lovely friends jerks. NO.

Just, please don't tell my boys about this. I can just see it--ANOTHER reason not to clean up their rooms.

"Mom, it's a competition!"


But I have a ton of orts I'm more than willing to send you, if it will help you win. 'Cause winning is everything.

At least if you're a teenage boy.

Raggedy Girl said...

This is just too funny. I did not know that the threads that end up all over my carpet actually had a name.

Happy Tuesday
from Roberta Anne

noble pig said...

The internet is seriously an amzing place. I wonder if you could sell it on Ebay? Maybe you could claim to see a religious figure in there...it will be worth a fortune.

Melanie said...

ROFL what a giggle!

I read back a bit and love the idea of the cut throat table runner. LOL

Yoyo said...

This has got to be one of the best intros to the Totally Useless SAL yet! I have about 40 blogs in my folder marked 'Members of the TU SAL' and I read them as a new post appears. Today about 10 posts appeared and I came here first because of that title. Too kewl.

Looking forward to your totally spectacular Totally Useless Container.

Bea said...

I'm going to have to join in. I already have a handful of orts, because like What a Card, I learned the word from crosswords. I'm looking through all my vintage glass to find just the right container.


I once knew a man named Ort. He was German. While Ort was tall, his name was short for Ortulf.

Hope your recovery is going well.

Eileen said...

his is terrific. I'm going to have to follow this thread. Are you allowed to include the paper in there?

Terra said...

I can't wait till I get far enough in to see your work! We have hand embroidered stockings done by my grandmother when we were kids and they are BEAUTIFUL!

Patty said...

I didn't know you were doing this SAL (that's how far behind I am with my blog reading.) Did you find a jar or something to put your orts in? I'm sorry you're still in so much pain. Have they given you any good drugs for it?

disa said...
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