Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finished for Friday: Gotta Love a Man in Uniform

This week Jungle Boy had his first Boy Scout meeting. Even though he'd only been a scout for a few days, I wanted to convert his Webelos uniform shirt to his new and improved Boy Scout shirt. Because I'm a cool mom like that.

When last I had an adventure in ScoutPatchLand, I used the easy to apply gummy adhesive stuff. "Just stick it on!" they said at the Scout store. "Works great!" Sure did! All those Cub Scout patches went on easy-peasy.

Taking them off however, was another matter. First I pulled the patches off. This left big gummy splotches of blech behind. I tried all kinds of stuff to get it off. Hours to go until his meeting and I was staring at a ruined shirt. I grabbed the car keys to get him a new shirt at the Scout store because you know, cool mom.

The kind elderly gentleman at the scout store tried to talk me down. He told me I wasn't supposed to pull off the patches and assured me that if I used "Goof Off" the blech would come right off. I buzzed back home and grabbed my trusty bottle. After another 40 minutes I had a shirt with plenty of blech left that smelled like lemony Goof Off. Jungle boy didn't get to wear his shirt to the meeting that night. My cool mom level took a dive.

But the trusty dry cleaner got all the adhesive blech off, and I've sewn all his new patches on. I'm scratching this off my to-do list now. *Phew*

What have you finished up this week? Add a link below and grab a button from my sidebar if you'd like to play along. Thanks for joining in!

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The shirt looks great!!!

I didn't think I had anything for this week. Then I gave it a moment. It came to me.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I thought of you and your dance enthusiasts when I posted that entry.

Yoyo said...

This is toooo funny. But I sure remember those days. You will be sewing patches on BSA shirts for years to come. And don't forget as the shirt up-sizes the patches must be moved from the old shirt to the new one. I always just put the patches on with as few stitches as would make it lie flat to make that chore a little easier. DH is STILL involved in scouting and still sometimes comes home with a new patch and he's 72 years old!

I have a finish but I can't show it, darn it's for an exchange, and it's my only finish this week.

Laura said...

I hope scouts are always around.
What a great organization!

The Mother said...

I'm still trying to figure out what idiot designed that scout uniform shirt.

Who in their right mind would put the patch that CHANGES THE MOST (the rank patch) on the POCKET, where it's the hardest to sew???

I'm guessing a man. Who doesn't sew on the patches.

Alisa said...

I'm very sure that I would have just bought a new shirt, taken it to the cleaners to have them put on the patches, and called it a day! You get big Momma Kudos for all that work!

Katherine said...

My Boy Scout just came home with new green numbers (to replace the red Troop numbers). I'm SO glad I've always sewn the patches on.

To 'The Mother', I long ago gave up sewing the patches just on the pocket - I sew them right through the pocket onto the shirt too. I got that tip from another Scout mom - what boy actually uses the pocket?? Mine never do!

I finally have something finished (all the way finished) for this week.

Bea said...

And things like this happen only when you have limited time. I always use "Goo Gone" to take stick out of my laundry.

Elizabeth said...

I love how proud he looks!
I am trying to get around to all of my Followers this week. Some folks are getting a "Stack Overflow" message when they visit my blog. This is a random interaction problem between blogger and Internet Explorer. To fix this, just empty your Temp or Temp Internet folder. You could also consider switching to Firefox as your browser. I hope you'll still continue to visit!

jungletwins said...

Cuuute. My husband still gets misty eyed recalling his scout days ;)

texasholly said...

Yeesh...I think you remain COOL MOM for even attempting all that. But it is totally worth it because he is VERY HANDSOME in his uniform.

Melanie said...

Well done for getting that chore off your list. When I was in the Guides (older girl scouts) we were expected to sew on all of our badges ourselves.

I've just got somne things off my list so i'm a bit relieved as they al have a May 1st deadline. -These people who WILL have birthdays LOL

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary!

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