Monday, April 20, 2009

The Latest

  • I flunked my doctor's visit today. He increased my order for physical torture therapy to three times a week for eight more weeks. My evil slave driver therapist will be thrilled.
  • Jungle Boy panicked last night after he went to bed. He wailed that he'd brought his P.E. clothes home but forgot to give them to me to wash over the weekend. Although it was late, I reassured him that I'm such a martyr cool mom that I would stay up late and get them washed. So of course he forgot to bring them to school today. *sigh*
  • The chocolate bunnies each of the kids got for Easter had nutrition labels on the package. They were four servings each, and each serving had 42% of an adult's daily saturated fat requirement. Yep, those bunnies were all eaten within about 24 hours. Blech.
  • We have suddenly gone from bundling up at night and hearing the furnace go on over and over to sleeping with the windows open. It's so distracting. I love listening to outdoor night noises.
  • We had a big paint bubble in our exterior paint near the front door (be glad I wasn't blogging when we had our house remodeled and somehow managed to hire the worst contractor on the planet). Although it's been crazy tempting, the kids have managed to restrain themselves from popping it. A visiting kid today did not have such restraint. Note to self: need to call painters for estimates.
  • Easter leftovers are even better the next day. Everyone should have a lovely Greek mother-in-law who makes homemade stuffed grape leaves.
  • Jungle Boy is learning to play "Tequila" on the trumpet. When he practices it, I crack up every single time. Always reminds me of this scene:

10 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Christy said...

Sorry you have to do more therapy... but it is for the best right?
I always think of pee-wee herman when I hear tequilla! LOL Good luck on your son learning it!
Hope your recovery goes fast!
oh, and we hired a contractor and remodeled part of our house last year, actually we had an addition built. Pretty comical stuff... but thankfully, we had an awesome contractor. They are worth their wt in gold if they are good! Sorry yours wasn't.

Laura said...

I use to watch Pee Wee Herman in college.
That's how weird I am.

Carrie said...

Everytime your PT/torturer comes to visit you, just say in your head "It's better than another surgery. It's better than another surgery..." And you gotta love the trumpet! Good for him that he is getting his practicing in!

The Mother said...

The take home message on your chocolate bunnies:

NEVER read the nutrition labels on junk food that you're going to eat anyway.

If you make your therapist a cake with 82% saturated fat, maybe he'll have a heart attack and you can stop?


I like The Mother's comments. She's good.

Sorry you have to do more therapy. And sorry about the paint bubble! Not fun stuff.

Thanks for the Pee Wee Herman reminder. Great.

Raggedy Girl said...

Sorry about the therapy and the bubble. I had stuffed grape leaves for the first time on Easter and they are super duper yummy!

Have a Terrific Tuesday
I love coming to visit you
Roberta Anne a.k.a. The Raggedy Girl

Steph said...

I hope the therapy gets easier. Also? You ARE a cool mom.

jungletwins said...

Oh geez, you should have saved some of those chocolate bunnies for yourself- you're going to need them to get through 3 more weeks of therapy!

noble pig said...

Oh geez I ate two bunnies myself.

Bea said...

I'm sorry to hear you have to endure more PT, but you want it to be "right".

LOL! I've never seen that PeeWee Herman clip. Tell Jungle Boy, "Practice! Practice! Practice!"

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