Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Goal

Some people train to run marathons. Some do conditioning for months or years to climb mountains. I have a goal that's just as challenging for me.

I want to put on socks.

It's funny really. I'll have a sock in my hands, and I look at that foot, and the gulf between them is like miles. All the result of the arthroscopic surgery on my hip.

Sometimes I cheat by grabbing a pant leg and pulling hard. I can almost get the foot close enough, but it really hurts. Sometimes I actually stand up and lean forward to put on my socks. I rock back on the heel to slip the toe on, then rock onto the toe to pull it over the heel. Then there's the bed maneuver, where I lay out over my straight leg to put it on. Thank heavens for my long waist.

So what I really want to do, is to put on socks the way you do. By bending my hip at an incredible angle.

I'm training for it. Stretching hard. Pushing myself every day. My physical therapist asks at every session how the socks are going. Then she scolds me if I admit I cheat. It's probably in big red letters in my chart: Patient requires sock therapy.

But my dreams don't end with socks. Once I accomplish this, I'm hoping to achieve my ultimate goal - wearing shoes that tie.

10 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Melanie said...

Keep going hun, you can do it. When you stretch down make a note of how far you can reach before the burn. It will show your progress. You can do this and will. Keep going- it will pay off!

The Mother said...

Baby steps. This phase, too, shall pass. In loafers, apparently, but it will pass.

Steph said...

Tell you what, you send me your name address and shoe size, and I'll knit up some victory socks. You can have them in your dresser just waiting for the day you beat this. (Unless of course you beat this before I finish them.) You can do this! You raised three little kids who were under two all at once; you can do anything.

Bea said...

You are a woman with determination! You will get there. (HUGS)

Karen said...

They should come out with some kind of device that extends your arms so you can put on socks without reaching so far. I'm sure lots of people could use it....including my hubby who did not have hip surgery but just has a big belly.

Lindsay-ann said...

Sorry you are battling with your socks. I hope things improve soon. It must be so frustrating.

amandajean said...

good luck with the socks!

after reading your comment on my blog, i wasn't sure if you wanted to be added to the quilt along list or not. would you please let me know? thanks a bunch.

Coloradolady said...

Aww....sweetie...summer is coming. Stop worrying about those socks, just put on some flip flops and go....by the fall, you will have the socks on and shoes! Hugs.

LauraC said...

Keep on rocking! You can do it!

Alisa said...

You inspire me. Shoes that tie? Don't you know it's almost summer?
Silly hip lady.

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