Sunday, June 28, 2009

Makes My Monday: Girly Campouts

Jungle Boy was on a 5 day campout at Yosemite this weekend, but sadly his trip was cut short because one of the scouts got sick. Still, he came home filthy and happy and full of stories to tell.

The girls decided they wanted to use the tent to camp out on the lawn. Their concept of roughing it is a bit different than your average Boy Scout's. I took a peek to see what they'd set up. This is what I found.

Drama Girl has discovered how to use Facebook on her cell phone, so she'll probably be doing that all night. And I think if they actually drink that big thermos of ice water there will be a few trips inside.

Glad it's finally warm enough to have this kind of fun. Seeing the girls create a whole apartment in the yard makes my Monday. For other stories of smiles today, visit Cheryl at Twinfatuation.

7 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Headless Mom said...

I wonder if my boys will ever want to do this? I think that they would love it, but I'd still be worrying about the coyotes!

What A Card said...

That is sooo adorable! Looks like a grand time!

The Mother said...

I don't think all that stuff would fit into the one pack my scout is allowed to take with him.

He often is forced to leave his BOOK at home. The agony.

monica said...

Love camping out! Have a great Monday. Stopping by from MMM!

Laura said...

Books and quilts! What more could you possibly need?

Cheryl Lage said...

They're girls after my own heart! (well, except for the camping part...) The books, the gorgeous quilts, Facebook, the beverages nearby....smary little Chiquitas!

Thanks so much for playing along, ThreeUnder! :)

Dena said...

Sheesh 2/3, why don't you make those poor girls a quilt or two - I just don't see why you have to deprive them so badly! ;)

I remember doing this when I was younger too - only it was pitching the tent in the dining room because we lived in an upstairs apartment!

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