Monday, October 19, 2009

I started my daughter on a drug today

Drama Girl is 13. She's begged for and received a cell phone. She's been to a movie with a boy (with a parent along). She's seen PG-13 movies. There remained on her list of forbidden fruit just one thing she wanted to try.

So after months of her begging, I broke down today.

I let her try coffee.

I took her to Starbucks, which is not my favorite coffee, but it was close to the high school where I picked her up. I ordered a latte for myself and a small decaf latte for her. (On a side note, one of the things I really hate about Starbucks is the way they try to make you order in faux Italian or something - small is "tall", medium is "grande" and large is stupido or something - I never order a large so I don't remember what they call it.)

We waited until we were served the cups with our names carelessly scrawled across them. She grabbed hers and I showed her how to slip the little sleeve on the cup. I felt like such a cool, indulgent mom. She loved me.

She took a swig and burned her tongue. "Don't drink it fast! It's hot!" My warning was too late.

"Ya think?" was her only reply. After that she sipped it like a pro.

I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. There was no rolling around on the tongue, no facial expressions of experimenting with a new flavor. This girl who has a limited palate when it comes to food seemed to have no problem with coffee.

"This isn't your first cup of coffee, is it?"


Thanks for playing along and letting me feel like a cool mom Drama Girl. And thanks for your honesty to try to save my feelings. May you enjoy lattes for many years to come.

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Laura said...

"a large is stupido"
Thank you for making me laugh outloud before my day has even started.

LauraC said...

Oh my! I have let my boys try sips of my coffee all the time. They love it so much they started asking for coffee so I give them milk with flavored creamer as their coffee.

We start 'em young in the south.

Susan said...

Cute story! You are a cool mom, no matter what all the kids say.


My parents used to let us order "Sanka" at restaurants when we were about 10 or so. We felt so grown up as we poured all the creamer and half of the sugar into our cups so it was palatable enough to slurp. lolol

I just dated myself, didn't I? Sanka..... oy.

monica said...

Very fun! what a great memory of this that she will have for years to come! You are a great mom!


Susan - Thanks for the reminder: Sanka. Now THAT was coffee. ;->

The Mother said...

I am a pusher, I guess. Mine have been drinking coffee since they were pretty small.

Now they're connoisseurs. Starbucks or homemade espresso. None of that freeze dried goop.

Cheryl Lage said...

I think Drama Girl is a fine girl, indeed. Well-deserving of the coffee privilege. :)

(I let the D drink decaf....he loves it...and my grandfather STILL drinks Sanka!)

bluecottonmemory said...

Tall, Grande, and Frappucino! Am I a foreign langauge whiz or what! When my son got married last summer and then we moved our other 4 boys out of state, I was the Frappucino Queen (stress) which caused me to gain weight (so frustrating). I'm slowing taking myself off this drug addiction, I went all week and then had a grande!

My boys love mom/son time at the coffee house (we have Starbucks and Panera) but none of the homegrown ones, sadly.

You did a great job taking her threw the coffee jumps! And she did a great job letting you!

Sigh! Your baby's growing up! Sniff! In the movie "All About Mama" a real oldy but a great one, when the papa pour his daughter a cup of coffee it was a momentous occasion, a sign of adulthood! Some things never change! Isn't that great:)

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