Monday, November 9, 2009

Armchair philosophy

Back in olden days B.H. (before husband), I used the arm of a chair to hold my pins and needles. But just as I was able to teach my husband to use coasters, he was able to teach me to use pincushions. It's a happy bonus for me that there are so many cute patterns to make pincushions. (For a kit to make this one, click here).

Pincushions always start out so pretty and bare. I don't know how they get this way. Why do I have so many kinds of pins? I don't remember ever buying them. On closer inspection, this pincushion is like a hidden picture puzzle. Can you find the 3 corsage pins? The curved upholstery needle? The gold needle? The really embarrassing thing is that I have a pincushion in every room, and they all look something like this.

It's a mini metaphor for life - sometimes you're the cushion, sometimes you're the pin. As a parent, I remember when everything started out so easy. I don't remember how each care and worry got stuck to me, but I accept them all as part of my job. One by one they're not too painful, but some days I look at the big picture and I feel like I'm being jabbed on all sides.

That's my deep thought for today.

6 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Alisa said...

Dang girl, that is a deep thought!
Wondering what it means that I lost my pin cushion somewhere?
Have a great day!

Teresa aka MarieSews said...

Yeah....I used to use the armchair, too until DH got stuck one too many times. He broke me from that habit as well as the habit of sticking pins in my mouth!

Your thought about being pinned with the care and worries resonates. What a great metaphor.

Susan said...

Try taking an old pincushion apart sometime- you'll be amazed at what you find in there. Mine had 55 needles inside it, it was ancient.

Gosh. You deep thinkers make me feel so shallow! lol


That's deep. So true.

Monkey Memories said...

:) Is it weird that I instantly started looking for Hidden Mickeys in your pincusion?

Cheryl Lage said...

Quite poetic indeed. Always love these craft combined with life insights you post. Do they make a pattern a la voodoo doll? ;)

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