Thursday, November 26, 2009

Finished for Friday: Thanksgiving (including another disaster)

Here is the mini-quilt that I had on my design wall last Monday. I love how it turned out, although working with squares this small is a bit fiddly at times. I made it from scraps of the Christmas quilt I've been working on all year. I've got that big one at my machine right now so I can quilt it up.

Isn't this gorgeous? It's a cornucopia that Wasabi Girl and I made from breadstick dough. It was slippery to work with and definitely required 4 hands. We were so proud of how it turned out! The perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving. Before I put it away Wednesday night, I wrapped it up very carefully in many layers of plastic wrap.

Apparently I didn't wrap it enough. The cats chewed through the plastic to eat it. This is what I found in the morning (I took the rest of the wrap off for this picture). My husband had bought garlic breadstick dough because he said that was all that was left at the store. The garlic smell must have driven the cats wild. (Notice a trend here? Everything seems to be my husband's fault.)

Drama Girl to the rescue! She took a candle I had and made a new centerpiece with some rosemary she cut from outside. It worked fine. I'm still sad about the cornucopia though. At least I have the pictures to prove we made it.

How did your Thanksgiving go? Our barbecued turkey was heavenly. I'm going to ask my husband to do that more often. Really delicious.

Join in and tell us about how you're done with your Christmas shopping (I'm so jealous) or you snagged a great Black Friday deal this morning (I'm sleeping in). Be sure to visit the other participants to cheer them on.

3 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Barbara Jean said...

The quilt is lovely.

thanks for hosting

barbara jean


I'm so thrilled I get to play again, finally!! I loved your cornocopia. So pretty!! Sorry the cats got it! Yeah Drama Girl for saving the day!!

In answer to your questions:
- Thanksgiving was good. Lots of people, just like the old days. BBQ turkey? I've heard about it but haven't tasted yet.
- The scarves I made are for my mom and sister. I haven't really begun shopping. But I am formulating what I plan to get and then I'll go out 1 day and pick it all up. Or order it online from Toys R Us - only need to buy for the nieces and nephews this year.

monty said...

Awesome Picture!!

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