Sunday, November 22, 2009

Makes My Monday: Design Wall

My sewing space is in a corner of the garage. There, the spiders and I spend a little quality time with pretty fabrics and ipod tunes. It's the only available space in our small house but it works just fine for me.

Next to my sewing machine is a little design wall I made with some foam core board and gridded flannel. It is constantly evolving as I put up blocks I'm testing, orphan blocks, and small works in progress. There are cards and postcards, pictures of the kids, pictures of a wonderful class at a quilt retreat, funny scraps of vintage fabric, and a needlepoint that needs to be made into an ornament. Some of the items are pinned up with old sewing machine needles.

It's uniquely me, and just looking at it makes me smile and feel creative. This design wall makes my Monday.

Makes My Monday is hosted by Cheryl at Twinfatuation. Please visit her this week as her family is facing a challenge with cancer and she could really use some support. Thank you.

3 people stopped folding laundry to write:

cat said...

That is such a great idea and looks pretty too!

The Mother said...

I was never that organized, even when I did quilt. Kudos to you.

mommytoalot said...

Wow..very nice.

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