Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The 12 Hurdles of Christmas

Every mom knows that the Christmas season is a marathon. A marathon with some milestones along the way that we can all celebrate passing. Here is my list of seasonal challenges. Would some of these be on your list too?

  1. Decorate the house and porch and yard
  2. Get the tree and decorate it
  3. Mail the Christmas cards
  4. Mail gifts that have to go out of town
  5. Gift for the husband
  6. Gifts for the kids
  7. Gifts for neighbors, friends, associates, godparents, relatives, music teachers, etc.
  8. Complete any handmade gifts
  9. Wrap all the gifts
  10. Bake Christmas cookies
  11. Throw a party
  12. Cook a fabulous feast
I'll admit right now that I "epic failed" on at least one of these this year. (Sorry out of town folks, hope you don't mind that I'm sending emailed gift certificates! ). Every year I vow it will be different, and every year I forget to read my notes to myself from previous years.

But on the other hand, looking back over this list today, I feel I can pat myself on the back for getting so much done. Maybe not as early as I'd like, but other than the mailing issues, it all was done well.

So while I could bake some more cookies and perhaps squeeze out another handmade ornament, I'm throwing in the towel and calling my Christmas to-do list done. The feast will be cooked on Christmas Eve, and then I'll just sit back and wait for Santa.

Tomorrow's post will be my 12 joys of Christmas. Another list that makes me smile as I check things off. Anything left on your lists?

4 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Melanie said...

Hia I think I am up to date bar sending a child next door with a gift for an elderly neighbour. I don't think it matters how early you prepare for Christmas, you still run out of time.

Merry Christmas


You forgot to mention dealing with Duncan the Elf.

I didn't know about elves visiting until you shared about Duncan last Christmas. This year, I didn't RSVP to Santa in time, so instead of an elf, we ended up with MooMoo the Christmas Cow. MooMoo has caused all kinds of love and joy and havoc in our home!!

Thank you.

Oh, and you didn't mention you are accomplishing all of this while gimping around.

Branlaadee said...

Sounds like you did great for Christmas. This was the first Christmas in my life I have ever had everything finished before the big day. I even had time to do all of my mother's baking since her water main broke and her kitchen was torn about the week before our family Christmas.

I do realize that I have set up big expectations from my family for next year though.

Yerdonshawitz said...

Drinking spiked egg nog is next on my list!

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