Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Christmas Shopping Confession

2009 has been a tough year for me physically. I've only really been able to walk the last few weeks, and still not very much at a time. Recovering from surgery has been a long slow process.

So imagine what it feels like to go into a department store for the first time in nearly a year.

It feels like hunger. Hunger to buy. Unfortunately, since I haven't been out much in so long, my focus isn't on gifts like it should be. My focus is on the things that really catch my eye.

Things for me.

I feel pretty guilty about spending money on myself, but what's the good of blogging if I can't bear my soul to my readers? I need a few things. And, okay, I want a bunch of few things too.

I'm trying to control it, and trying to remember to create a wishlist so my loved ones can get me exactly what I want, but it's just so much easier to pick it up when I see it.

Hopefully I'll get serious about gifts for other people next week. Does this ever happen to you?

8 people stopped folding laundry to write:

HST said...

I'm very bad at buying things for myself. I've actually told hubby we just need to take a day off and go buy things for ourselves. We mostly buy things for our kids, the household and other kids in the family.

LauraC said...

When I was on bed rest, I would ride the motorized wheelchair through Target dreaming of WANT WANT WANT. (That means yes.)

Knitty said...

Oh yeah. I don't think I am self centered, but when I go shopping I see dozens of things that I would like. It drives me crazy. It usually happens when I have no idea what to get for the person(s) that are my list.

The Mother said...

NEVER feel guilty about getting things for yourself. Moms always get the short end of the stick, all year long.

(Says the lady who just bought herself a second coffee grinder, for decaf, for those special afternoons when you really need a cup of coffee, but your grinder is full of jolt juice.)

Laura said...

I'm happy that you're able to get out and about! I think after the frustrating year it seems like you've had that you deserve a few things for yourself!

Branlaadee said...

Honestly I hate shopping...at stores. Get me online and it's all about ME though!

And get yourself something nice. Sounds like it's been a long year!

Cheryl Lage said...

Know you've had such a tough go of it...you absolutely SHOULD get yourself a few "get well/happy holidays to me" treats!

Online is where it's at...so dislike the "shopping" love the looking at decorations---think I am so lazy I just like sitting! ;)

Laura said...

Sweetie, you are speaking a language in which I am fluent.
Most of the time I don't care about shopping, but I can get into a mood....then it's like a bizarre NEED. Luckily it doesn't happen very often, and that's good because it really goes against who I want to be.

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