Thursday, January 21, 2010

Please send rowboats

According to the local meteorologists, today we get the fifth storm in a row here in Northern California. I can't figure out where one ends and another begins, so I'll just take their word for it.

I love a good rainstorm - when I'm cozy inside with a cup of tea. With my busy crew though, I'm in and out of the car all afternoon playing chauffeur. Yesterday I felt like a drowned rat by the end of the day.

Hard for me to believe, but when I went to pick up my kids from the middle school, I saw plenty of kids in just t-shirts and shorts. This is California after all. No matter how cold and wet it gets, there are still plenty of kids who don't own anything warm, or don't know when to wear them if they do.

My entrance hall looks like my former front porch, since I had to bring in all the pots that were blowing over in the wind. I'm starting to think those poinsettias should just politely die so I can get rid of them but they're cheerfully blooming on, like some sort of Christmas decoration I forgot to put away.

The back patio is ankle-deep in leaves that have blown in. Not just our oak leaves, but a potpourri of every tree in the neighborhood. There are eucalyptus branches, palm leaves, and dozens of other smaller varieties. That's going to be a mess to clean up.

But I'm getting some projects done around the house. Join me tomorrow for Finished for Friday to see them.

How are you faring? Getting slammed by winter storms? Or are you one of my readers in sunny Australia enjoying a beautiful summer?

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Merri Ann said...

Yikes ... most of my family is in California experiencing the same ...

We are having our first warm, sunny day, in a long time, here in Texas and we are packing up for a day in the park ... something I didn't appreciate enough when I lived in California was the opportunity to have a day at the park on most days ... here in Texas ... not so much.

My neighbor from Petaluma sent me pics from around our old neighborhood yesterday ... reminds of the floods from 1998.

Hope your day is otherwise uneventful.

Alisa said...

We're drowning down in here in So Cal as well.
My only issue is the amount of earthworms dying on my back patio.
Grosses me out!

Becca said...

LOL I could just say "ditto" to everyone above me.

I work in a school and was amazed last night at the number of kids in shorts!

There are tons of dead worms on our front porch..and snails and slugs everywhere.

I can tell when one storm ends and another begins because we get many hours in a row without rain!

Treasia Stepp said...

It'll take me a bit but when I get the Ark out of storage I'll float that way and pick you up. We have been experiencing lots of rain and actually had a storm that produced hail come through last night. Why I am shocked about it I don't know. Heck it's the south.

angie said...

I cannot believe this rain. I don't remember ever getting so much rain for so many consecutive days!

I just added a blog button page to my blog and your up. :)

Branlaadee said...

Arent we supposed to get the back to back storms in March, not January?? Yesterday driving my son to school (4miles away), I had to dodge falling branches, huge puddles, wind blowing me into the next lane and traffic lights going out every few streets. It was crazy.

Fiona said...

I'm in Australia and it's 40degC here today, which is 104degF. Tomorrow is supposed to get even hotter. It's just past noon and we've been swimming at the local pool this morning, I'm dreading heading out to the clothesline now to hang out the towels, but it's got to be done ...

Teresa aka MarieSews said...

Kinda damp around here, isn't it? The rolling thunder has been the best part of it. LOUD! Stay dry.

becky @ misspriss said...

Oh boy - it's the same here in SoCal. A week of rain and parts of San Diego are just about to float away!

Rosemary said...

Rain! I'd love some. Here in Australia at Spring Rock the temperature has reached 43 degrees Celsius (109 degrees Farenheight) with no rain in sight for the foreseeable future. Maybe we could share some of yours?

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