Monday, January 4, 2010

Tuesday's Toonlet

The AA Shuffle

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The AA Shuffle

Please tell me we're not the only family to rotate batteries between gadgets! Do you use rechargable batteries? I think we at least need to get a charging station for the wiimotes.

We keep a bag of used batteries because our trash pickup company will dispose of them properly if we set them aside. Ironically, Wasabi Girl has found that when she needs batteries for something, she can usually find ones that work in this used battery bag. Makes me wonder if some gadgets are just lying when they die.

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Branlaadee said...

I use rechargable for the AA batteries. We started getting them when we got our Wii. LOL We have an extra set of batteries so we can have some charging when we notice the Wiimotes getting low. That whay there is no break in play time. ;)

Cheryl Lage said...

Oooof. Do we ever. This holiday they shifted from Leapsters to digital cameras to whatever energy ailing device was in need.

Thankfully, our smoke detectors take the near obsolete square 9V... ;)

The Mother said...

We once used recyclables. They fail to hold charges for long, so you end up ripping through them. Then they don't hold charges at all after so many cycles.

I would love to go green, but on this issue, my sanity (as in, enough working batteries to keep children entertained) wins. We use them and toss them.


They say not to mix battery types in a device. I haven't seen it explode or anything from this practice.

We have rechargeable AA batteries that I can NOT find!! And we have a Wii dual charger. Only you can't charge them with the rubber protector thing on there, so it seems rather cumbersome to be removing the cover all the time.

Roslyn said...

Sounds just like what our government is doing with our nation's finances.

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