Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Toonlet: The Evolution of Cat Nicknames

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The Evolution of Cat Nicknames

Please tell me we're not the only crazy family that twists pet names around! Not only is Dumbledore "Chumble Cheese," but his sister Hestia has a hundred names, many surrounding her relatively low kitty I.Q. We're a heartless bunch perhaps, but we do love our cats.

Any silly pet nicknames at your house?

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Teresa aka MarieSews said...

"the cat", "the @(&@*&(* cat", "stupid cat", "What the $$() CAT!"....Not so inventive really but liberally applied to both cats who claim this abode. Since they don't like each other, there are many attempts to keep them apart which end up in humans tripping over themselves to prevent a hissing match.

Love the Chumble Cheese,Dumbledore names.

Branlaadee said...

We named my cat Drizzt. Which turned into Drizzy, which turned into Mizzy, which is now Mizzy Poo.

Another cat is named Lacey Dragon, which got shortened to Lacey, and changed to Spacey since she is a little "spacey", and often Space Cadet.

Kiwi gets called Kikido and seems to like that better than her original.

The rest of the cats (yes, there are more) all go by their given names except for an occasionall explitive.

Rosemary said...

I have lots of pets and lots of nicknames for them. I often call Tristan the ginger cat The Redhead, The grandchildren call Nefertiti, one of the new kittens Titi, Billy the St Bernard often gets called William (when I'm feeling very formal)and Cecilia, a young ferret of mine is nearly always called The Vampire (she likes to playfully nip at my neck when I carry her inside to play).

I too had a cat that barely rated on the IQ scale. Lancelot had many nicknames none of them kind, but all of them spoken with love.

Graeme (the non animal person) simply calls them all The Dog or The Cat, sometimes adding their colour to identify them from the other dogs or cats.

Alisa said...

The Dog, The Turtles, The Bunny, they all have multiple names and they answer to all of them. They're either really smart, or just don't care what I call them as long as I have food in my hand at the time.

marinsandiego said...

Hello! I just stumble to your site and I can so relate with the cat/pet nicknames! One of my cats, my little 8lb crazy calico, her nickname is SATAN!

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