Monday, May 10, 2010

Makes My Monday: Freedom

Jungle Boy decided it was time to release the lizards he has been keeping as pets. I think the daily cricket feasting was finally getting to him. I certainly wont miss the weekly jaunts to the pet store for live crickets, although I did have fun chatting with a twin mom who worked there.

Since he caught them in the yard, he released them back where he found them. A happy moment for everyone concerned.

"Monsoon" the lizard was a little hesitant to leave his artificial cave but ventured off to make new friends. His (her?) friend "Ray" didn't hesitate at all. We think they are Alligator lizards, in case you were wondering.

I told Jungle Boy he'd have to go out there with the heat lamp every day since they were used to it. He even believed me for a minute.

Now he wants a turtle. What do they eat? Thank heavens there aren't any in the yard.

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Sugar Boogers & Tantrums said...

Wow! My Dad has a lizard caged up just like that one. And it eats crickets too. I have my concerns about it being stuck in the cage like that. Did this one have teeth?

Anonymous said...

My sister has had a turtle for over 20 years - they live forever. It belonged to the kids, but they left for college and it became her turtle. They are very, very, very low maintance. She feeds him lettuce and greens. Occasionaly, there would be an insect treat - not often. In the summer, she puts him out in the compost heap and lets him stay there for the summer, just need to make sure he doesn't get away (they built a fence that goes down in the ground a foot or so) or that they hit him when they are shoveling out a scoop of compost for the garden - they always find him first.

Cate said...

lettuce! they are very quiet and cool creatures. our beloved preschool teacher has one that she has had for over 25 years (so, just know that). and guess what the turtle is named? fast food! best name ever for a turtle!

slow panic said...

In a moment of weakness I told my boys we can get a guinea pig this summer -- to add to two dogs and a cat.

I'm hoping they will forget. I can have my dreams can't I?

Cheryl Lage said...

Think Jungle Boy is a wondrous young man. Turtles are awesome...I kind of want one for the office. ;)

Darren and Sarah's preschool had a VERY old one (definitely 10+ years) that does while they were there...a very somber funeral and burial were given for "Squirt." The kids STILL remember and talk about that turtle!

Happy belated Mother's Day, ThreeUnder, and thanks for playing along!

Alisa said...

I have red eared sliders, aquatic turtles, and they are the most personable non-dog/cat pets I've ever had! I adore them. They eat the same sort of diet as lizards though, crickets and pellets.
It sounds like most of the other comments are talking about tortoises though. Tortoises are very cool animals as well and there are a lot of places you can adopt from since they do live for so long, sometimes, even outliving their owners! Make sure you do your homework, because turtles/tortoises are life long pets. I have to clean the tank once a week and they enjoy a lot of time walking around outside of the tank as well. They are very active little critters and not at all slow like tortoises!
Good luck!

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