Monday, May 24, 2010

Makes My Monday: Through the eyes of a boy

Since I am getting more and more limited in my walking (next surgery is in July) I wasn't able to enjoy our annual small town festival.  So I gave Jungle Boy my camera for the day so he could capture his sister in the parade.  Little did I imagine he would come back with 156 pictures.  It was like watching the whole parade and visiting the booths.  I'll share just a few with you that made me smile.

A lot of these curbside-views of cars.
 His favorite snicker of the day.  Can you read the name of the company?  "Doody Calls."  Apparently there are actually services that pick up your dog's doody from your yard.

 He followed his sister down the street and got a dozen cartwheel photos.  I thought this was the most appropriate for the internet.  Notice the nice white gloves?  They were black by the end of the parade but I'm glad she had them to protect her hands.

 There was a booth that featured creatures preserved in lucite.  Besides the usual scorpions and beetles, there was this bat, and a snake's head that was awesome.
 This is one of the jewelry booths I missed.  He said he thought of me when he saw these.  Aww.

As a quilter, I found some of his artsy shots intriguing.  He picked some interesting angles and took a lot of pictures of things like these yard ornaments.

  And of course the fabric hound in me found this group of hand-dyes to be real eye candy.

Seeing through the eyes of my son makes my Monday.  To see more Monday makers, visit Cheryl at Twinfatuation.

6 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Dena said...

Yet another *awesome* talent your kids have! :D

Alisa said...

I love giving the camera to The Boy. His view is so interesting.
Jungle Boy has some photography talent there. Glad you still got to "see" it all. Hope your body holds out until July!

Elizabeth said...

Jungle Boy is totally awesome! Seriously, can I have him (and that is totally in the I-would-love-to-have-him-for-a-son very non-creepy way)?

The Mother said...

Sounds like he was distracted by the same things that distract me.

Melissa said...

What a fun thing for him to do for you!

Cheryl Lage said...

Love his eye...and his maternal appreciation. :) Wishing you comfort until your next step hip-wise...

Thank you for playing along with Makes My Monday, ThreeUnder!

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