Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Usual End of School Year Frenzy

The kids were thrilled when I picked them up from school today.  "Mom!  We have to turn in our history textbooks!  Turning in textbooks means the school year is almost over!"  I may have furrowed my brow pondering this one because the last day of school is June 10, which still leaves a lot of days for study.

"How were your other classes?"

"We saw 'Finding Nemo' in French.  Well, English with French subtitles.  But nobody reads the subtitles."

And on it goes.  They've seen "The Music Man" in band and countless movies in other classes.  In some cases there were substitutes (ok, if you don't know how to play an instrument you can't sub very well in band class), but more often than not movies are being shown again this year to waste time since all the standardized testing is done.

Outside of class preparations are underway for the ballet school's big recital.  Costume fittings (remember to hang that tutu upside down so it will fluff!), extra rehearsals, new clean shoes (who decided male ballet dancers should wear white shoes - were they insane?).

Wasabi Girl's gymnastics team is getting ready to march - er backflip I guess - in our local Hometown Days Parade.  Need to get white gloves to protect her hands.

Jazz band concerts (Wasabi Girl again), Boy Scout swimming tests and merit badges, Open House at school - and of course the important milestone of Drama Girl's "graduation" from 8th grade.  (I hate the misuse of that term.  Graduation means completion of study, where a diploma is granted, such as at a University.  Not middle school.)

It's like August all over again.  A frenzy of activity and writing checks.  Pictures to take, supplies to obtain, forms to sign.

I miss January.

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Laura said...

More parents should tell the administration about the MOVIE situation.Yes, it's part of the curriculum, but that sounds like a bit much. We teachers should talk more about end-of-the-year tricks to get by. It's a great time to act out a play for example. My 6th grade is starting a play version of "The Phantom Tollbooth."
There has to be a better way to fill the time-right?

Lindsay-ann said...

Sounds like there's a lot going on at the moment for you. English schools do not finish until the end of July. Usually we have 6 weeks break but this year it's only 5. They have stolen a week from us! In the Junior school (ages 5-11) they would watch a movie on the very last day and it was usually Shrek for some strange reason.

Alisa said...

That is quite early to start vacation. They still have 3 weeks left. What's the point of sending them? Just think of the neat places you could take them. Okay, at least they're out of your hair during that time!
I am becoming more and more surprised by the lack of motivation on some teachers' parts.

The Mother said...

I hate how, after AP season, the school just sorta shuts down. If they aren't going to teach anything, they oughtta just send the kids out to get jobs.

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