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Meet Delyse Trink

Today I'm happy to introduce Delyse Trink.  Leave a comment on this post and be entered to win a $50 gift card.  Leave comments on each of the posts during the Author Party for more chances to win.  See the official rules in the tab above.

Tell us about your book.
My romance novel Wrapped in a Rainbow is about learning that life can not be completely planned out, but sometimes when you are thrown an obstacle, your rocky path might lead you somewhere wonderful. It is also about finding that one amazing person to share your life with!

What inspired you to write this book?
Growing up with my mother, sister and best friend all being avid readers of romance novels, I had plenty of books to read. I read so many that I felt I had to try to write one myself. My book is styled like those favorite books of mine.

Do you have a favorite character?
Kristy, my heroine is probably my favorite character. She is smart and idealistic at the beginning of the story but even though she gets a wake-up call that her job will not turn out as she hoped, she will not let life get her down. She decides to move on!

What kinds of things did you research to write your book?
Ah, the research was the fun part. I'm from Canada and we love to escape our harsh winters. The Bahamas was the first warm, tropical place I ever went to. It will always be special to me because of that so I used my visits there as research. I know a few of my friends who read my book now want to vacation there. Maybe I should work for Bahamas tourism!

I have a lot of very creative readers. Do you have other hobbies or creative pursuits besides writing?
I love to garden and plant flowers according to a color scheme every spring. It drives my husband crazy that whenever he suggests something to plant it just doesn't seem to go with the colors that year!
I have a line in my book about a hand-made table runner that they are so skilled at making in the Bahamas. The line about trying to learn to crochet comes from my own experience and frustration!

What’s on your nightstand (or kindle) right now?
I have so many "To Be Read" books. I have a few from other Kindleboards authors to read. I have a Nora Roberts book waiting. Right now someone gave me a book to read from a local author so I've just started reading that.

Do you have any upcoming titles you’re working on?
Yes, I'm working on a Teen/Young Adult mystery story like the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew type of books.
After that I hope to write a suspense/romance.

What else would you like to add?

Here's a blurb about my book:
What would you do? Would you drop everything and take a chance? Life presents to Kristy a fabulous once in a lifetime opportunity to work in the Bahamas. If she decides to go for it, will it meet, exceed, or fall short of her expectations?

Sexy, handsome Dave is wary and jaded about women. He likes his life in the beautiful Bahamas where his romantic encounters are fast and fleeting. Gorgeous Kristy catches his eye but refuses to play by those rules. In fact she has studiously avoided men like him! David is intrigued by her resistance and so relentless in his pursuit, that much to her astonishment, Kristy finds herself agreeing to go out with him.

They end up having a sensational first date, but then it all turns to shambles. Could it be that David isn’t everything he appears to be? Could it be that Kristy isn’t everything David assumes her to be? Read Wrapped in a Rainbow to find out!

Brimming with luscious descriptions of Nassau and Paradise Island Wrapped in a Rainbow (Published by Club Lighthouse Publishing) is only $3.19 in Amazon’s Kindle store and is also available in paperback!

Thank-you for letting me share my story with your readers!

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12 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Megan said...

I like you thoughts and idea of this blog post. Thank you for sharing it.

Nancy said...

I'm a big romance novel reader. Who is your favorite romance author? And who are the big ones to inspire this book?

Nancy said...

Bought the book!

Pamela said...

I enjoyed reading your post..And I am interested about the book. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Megan, Nancy and Pamela for your nice comments and reading the blog. Sorry I'm so late in answering. I was away somewhere that there was no internet(yikes!).

In answer to Nancy's question I would have to say that Nora Roberts is my all time favorite romance author. I enjoy how she weaves a story chock full of info about various other things such as gardening(one of my loves), scuba diving, antiquing,etc. I also enjoy books by Iris Johansen. Who are some of your favorites?
Thanks for buying the book. I hope you enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Thank-you to Sarah also for this opportunity to share my story with your readers.

Delyse said...

I asked my publisher to put my book on special and those Kindle readers out there can now buy it for only $1.59!

Debra L Martin said...


Great interview!

Nancy said...

Hi Delyse-

Nora Roberts is one of my favorites as well. I've read all of Jude Deveraux's books. And Catherine Coulter is up there too. I've just gotten into Debbie Macomber's books.

Boy. I wish I had more time to read! LOL!

Delyse said...

Thanks Debra.

I'm looking forward to also reading Debbie Macomber and Janet Evanovich (I also wish I had more time to read everything! So many good books out there!)
I would say that my book is probably inspired and more in the style of the Harlequins that were clean and sweet.

Everyone has been so great here!
Thanks again!

domesticish diva said...

As a children's libarian I'm looking forward to your YA books! We can always use some new YA material and a mystery series sounds great!

Delyse said...

Thanks domesticish diva(love the name!)
I am excited about my YA book also. My son is in his teens and I have so many nieces that are avid readers that I look forward to having a book out that they hopefully will enjoy.

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