Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Nurse is Ill

My husband had to take little Hestia here to the vet this morning.  How did I know she was ill?  She hasn't played fetch with me for two days.

This cat lives to play fetch.

She can retrieve a toy 15 times before she falls over and takes a nap from exhaustion and happiness. 

She's also been my loyal nurse during my recuperation.  See her here keeping my computer warm on my bed table?  Whenever I leave my computer unattended like this, this is what I find.  When I lift her off, I inevitably find that she has somehow opened a dozen windows and started several scripts.  How does she do it?  Must be some combination of keystrokes as she walks around.

She sleeps cuddled at my side and if she does creep onto my stomach, she lets me roll her off and onto her back, where she happily nestles and purrs.  Very therapeutic stuff.

The vet found her to have low platelets, and she was dehydrated.  She's home now, with some medicine (have you ever given a pill to a cat?  Fun times.) and some baby food (beef and gravy!)

We're keeping her quiet and will check back with the vet tomorrow.  Maybe she'd like my computer now to keep warm.

6 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Michelle said...

What a beauty your nurse is! I certainly hope she feels better soon.

Lynn. said...

Poor kitty! Maybe all that nursing was giving her physcosematic conditions. Now all she needs is a little TLC, .... and baby food.

Cheryl Lage said...

Poor little pumpkin...hydration and gravy..sounds like a miracle cure to me! Wishing your wee nurse well!
(and you too!)

*Okay, so I'm still pondering the joys of gravy, only to scroll down and discover my word verification is "pudge." Sign from GOd to get gravy off my mind....

Nancy said...

Aww! Poor kitty!! I hope she's feeling better by now!!

Rosemary said...

Poor Hestia. I hope she is feeling better soon. I hope your recuperation is going well and you'll be up and around again soon.

Alisa said...

Hope Hestia is playing fetch once again. I have to say, you scored yourself one cute little nurse!

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