Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Any Excuse for a Party

We get excited about everything around here.  Baby teeth that fall out, squirrels running across the fence.  It doesn't take much to make us smile.  So picture our delight at this situation: 

"Look kids! It's going to roll over to 100,000!"

"oooh!  we should celebrate!"

"Let's buy new DS games!"

"Let's get a cake!"

"Let's go out to dinner!"

We settled on dinner, because really, you have to mark big occasions like this.  And in case you'd like to enjoy the big moment with us, here it is:  [I did actually take a video - my husband was driving - but I'll spare you].

 The kids just had one question.

"Mom, what do you mean by 'roll over?'"

*sigh*  I'm so old I remember when odometers had pieces of metal for each number.  Milestones were even more exciting then.

3 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Nancy said...

LOL! I remember telling my mom that my brother's car had rolled over ... meaning the odometer, not the car itself. Nearly gave her a heart attack ;)

Love the every day party!

magda said...

I shared this with my husband. His comment: "We still have kilometer-stones in Romania." I was puzzled. I hadn't even caught the use of the word "milestones" as a word with an actual object basis.

owlfan said...

I remember when my husbands car rolled over - we took a special ride around the block to watch it happen. That car was old enough that it rolled over to 00000.

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