Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordful Wednesday: The Battle Begins

Being able to walk is a great thing. Being able to walk after years of pain and immobility is even sweeter.  But endurance?  Is elusive.

Did you know that to stay healthy you should walk 10,000 steps a day?  That's about 5 miles.  Wearing a pedometer has shown me just how far I am from that goal.  So every day I add a few hundred steps to my previous day's total.  Slowly building up that endurance.  I'm determined to get to 10,000.

Do you walk a lot?  Give me some ideas of where you go and what you do to increase the  steps in your day.

The picture above was taken early in the morning, so I've barely begun my walking for the day.  I'll put in a mile or two just hauling laundry around today I think.

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10 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Burbank Babe said...

I walk every day at work. My office is on one side of the studio lot and the stage I take care of is on the other side. I make anywhere from 1-7 trips a day.

I also have a bank that is three blocks away from the office and instead of doing things online or using the ATM card, I walk to the bank when I need to get cash.

Is there a store that you can walk to for light (as in not too heavy) supplies?

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

Good Luck! Hope all goes well. I just started back to walking/jogging!

Stopping by to check our your WW. Stop by and link up and check out mine as well!


The Mother said...

It's too hot here. I do my steps on the treadmill. Watching educational videos. Accomplishing two things at once.

HaB said...

Good luck!!! I usually walk/jog at least 2 miles a day. And, I have found that if I park in the parking spot the farthest away from the store entrance (when I don't have my daughter with me) that also helps me get in some extra steps!

debby said...

I get my walking in by finishing each job. When I do laundry, I walk upstairs a few times and put it all away. When I write a letter, I walk it to the mailbox. When I notice a full trash can, I walk it outside. When I think I something I need to do the next time I go out, I walk it to my car. My house stays tidier and I walk a bit more.

Good luck!

krissyh said...

The key for me is MUSIC - you probably already have that hooked up but I use walking with music as a meditation - it's the best!!!! Yay - I'm so happy for you - what a relief to have your freedom back!

krissyh said...

Also - I go on mapquest to figure out my distance and then I know for sure if I walk the corner of xxx/yyyy I will walk this distance then I make sure I have enough music (or books on tape) to get me there and back!!!

slow panic said...

I just bought a pedometer yesterday. And was no where near 10,000 steps -- although that's my goal. Making the time to do it is my biggest challenge.

Elizabeth said...

Well, It's too hot here. I do my steps on the treadmill. Watching educational videos

Melissa said...

I run so that certainly won't help you. Good luck!!

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