Thursday, October 14, 2010

Finished for Friday: Halloween Horrors

Crafting just hasn't been the same since the dawn of the internet. Now we crafty types can find free patterns everywhere with the click of a mouse.  We can print them and keep them cluttering our sewing rooms forever.  Isn't it fun?

I've been a little out of control with the free patterns lately.  I have started keeping them all on though, which is a great site to organize bookmarks by tags.

Item (1) today is a filet crochet jack-o-lantern.  The original was done in white thread but I thought I'd be clever and use orange.  Put on your glasses (or maybe take them off) and squint.

See the pumpkin? Two eyes, a nose and a smiley face? No?  Neither do I really.  This is a set of clever Halloween coasters that is going to stop at one.  Let's move on.

Item (2) is a sweater for the cat.  The website showed a happy cat wearing its Halloween sweater.  My cat?  Not so happy.   I took 2 dozen pictures and these are the only ones that kind of show what it looks like.

I know.  Poor cat.  He really only had it on for a minute.

Attempt (3) was a pillow made from memory of seeing some around the 'net.  How hard can it be to make a candy corn pillow?  Oooh look!  The craft store has cute pom pom fringe.  Witness the result:

What made me think candy corn should be an equilateral triangle?  This pillow looks totally stupid if it's on its side. 

Free pattern number (4) turned out much better.  It's a Halloween dish towel.  I remembered to use the efficient "poor man's light box" for this one.  I'm sorry I can't remember which blogger gave me this tip:

You can see how careful I am about ironing towels before I start.  The embroidery police will be knocking on the door soon.  Here's the finished project.  The free pattern can be found at Bird Brain Designs.

What have you been up to this week?  I hope your holiday craftiness is going better than mine.  Link up and let's see!

12 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Anna Sams said...

Love the cat! Thanks for hosting the party! I am always up for some friend making and crafty sharing! :) Anna @ Moon River

Melissa said...

Your kitty does look rather unhappy.

The fringed candy corn makes me smile.

But the tea towel - that turned out great.

Barbara Jean said...

Finally made it back over here.
Not as much time for blogging as i used to have.

thanks for hosting


barbara jean

Wendy said...

I think the pillow looks great! I've linked up but I'm sort of cheating as I finished them on Monday!! Haven't had much time since. Can I have the link for as I can't seem to find it and it sounds a great idea! I have patterns everywhere but can never find them when I want them.

LambAround said...

That poor cat! LOL :)

The Mother said...

The poor man's light box is brilliant.

Heather said...

I haven't done any halloween crafts so I loved reading about all of yours.

di said...

Okay, first of all...I LOVE your "poor man's lightbox"! How clever is that? lol And you Halloween projects are great! I am new to your site and joined in on your "Finished for Friday" link party for the first time. :-) Thanks for creating a place for us to share and get inspired by others creations!

Miri said...

LOL! Squinting did work for the pumpkin coaster. My favorite is the candy corn pillow with fringe!It looks so happy (unlike your cat!)

How did you do that poor man's light box? (I use a window so this looks appealing. :)

Becca said...

Those projects are all great! I wish I had artistic/crafty talent like that!

Laura said...

Love your stuff- as always.
Psyched to tell you that a co-worker is going to teach me to knit this winter. THEN I can play Finished for Friday!

Lisa said...

Haha, Miri, I use the window as a "poor man's lightbox," too. I think the computer screen is maybe extravagent to be deemed a "poor man's" object. Maybe "techno-genius-multi-tasker's lightbox"? Love it!

Thanks for all the chuckles this week. I think your projects are all great! The fringe makes that pillow even more awesome, and your cat just makes me laugh!

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