Thursday, December 30, 2010

How Cold is it at Your House?

We're getting hit with our share of storms here in California.  Temps in the 30s at night - which is pretty cold for us.  Lots of rain and high winds.  Luckily we're not in a flood area.

Here's my little heat thief.  If she's not on my lap, she's roasting on a vent. 

I'm still enjoying my solo vacation.  I confess I haven't cleaned a single closet, but I've read 4 books already. 

So how are you surviving the weather?

6 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Cheryl Lage said...

That sneaky little minx! ;) Our dog strategically aligns his booty with the floor vent while he munches at his bowl...they're clever, the animals! ;)

Wishing you and your wonderful family WARMTH!

Lynn E. said...

We have survived the holidays by living at our friends' house. And yes, they do know. They are in Italy, and I hope they want to stay there another month. It will be another month before our house has heating or plumbing. But we do have a nice new roof!

Our cat has decide that living under the house is the best offer he's got.

Attempting Aloha said...

I'm not sure you really want to hear the temperature here at my house... ;)

But your kitty looks so content!



Cathi said...

Cats are so smart -- they know where the best spot in the house is!
On another note, do you remember what issue of Quilter's World contained the pattern for the Kindle cover? I've tried to find it online at their website, but no joy so far.

The Mother said...

Nearly hit 80 yesterday. Our pets are running for shade.

Becca said...

In Santa Barbara, not dealing with the cold in the house. I'm fine outside (not wearing a sweatshirt when it's 55). But in the house, I'm freezing!! Our heat is at almost 70 so I don't understand!

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