Saturday, January 1, 2011

What I Learned from Vacation Alone

Everyone comes home tomorrow.  Wasabi Girl will be back from her adventure in the snow at Lake Tahoe.  It was -9 degrees up there!  

My husband and Jungle Boy will drive back from their adventure in a cabin in the woods.  According to Jungle Boy, they got up at 5am every morning to stake out a spot on the river in the cold and rain.  The best part?  The steelhead are "catch and release" on that river.  What's the point???  I am completely free of any jealousy about that trip.  When last we spoke (I think my husband found cell phone coverage by climbing a tree) they hadn't caught anything.

Drama Girl has spent the week in Los Angeles with her aunt and uncle.  They've been shopping, celebrity hunting, and hanging out.  Her hair is a new color - with my blessing.  I'll ask her if I can post pictures.  It's not a color usually found in hair. 

I can tell from their phone calls that each kid has had an exhilarating week of semi-independence.   No mom to tell them to pick up their socks.  No dull routine.  No music practice.  Plenty of new things to see and experience.  I couldn't be happier for them.

I'm inclined to think, though, that I had the best vacation of all.  A week in a quiet house.  No nagging.  No driving all over the place.  No cooking elaborate meals and shoveling laundry.  Just me and the cats.  I sewed and read and napped.  I played on the wii and finished off the Christmas pie.  I listened to my music.

I can't stand it any more.  They need to come home now.  Don't tell them I said that.

2 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Taylor said...

Hi, I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for following my blog! Hope to see you there again soon.I love your blog it's so cute. :)


Bea said...

Funny you should mention no shoveling laundry. Guess what you will be doing for the next few days...

Sounds like your alone vacation was wonderful. Happy New Year!

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