Monday, February 7, 2011

Makes My Monday: Zoo day

Yesterday was a glorious day here in the San Francisco Bay area.  It got up to a record-breaking 80 degrees in the city itself. The twins and I decided to take a walk through San Francisco Zoo.

Here Wasabi Girl proves that even big kids like the penny press machine.  No, she wasn't cold, and I was wishing I had worn shorts.

It was fun a fun day.  Early on, there were a lot of families with little kids.  When we talked to one zookeeper, she said this always happens on Super Bowl Sunday because parents bring their kids to wear them out so they'll snooze through party time.  The twins had no problem acting like little kids.

I cherish these outings.  It didn't even occur to them to ask to bring friends (a condition that Drama Girl sets before going anywhere with the family).  Pretty soon they'll get too busy to pal around on a Sunday afternoon with mom.

Jungle Boy took dozens of pictures with my camera.  Some of them turned out great.  Witness one effort to avoid the sun:  this chimp using a sheet for a headdress.

But most of the animals were savoring the heat as much as we were, like this lovely warthog.

Unseasonably warm weather makes my Monday.  To see more happy thoughts to start the week, visit Cheryl at Twinfatuation.

4 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Melissa said...

Sweet photos of your kiddos - love the peacock and tarantula shots!!

The Smiths said...

Love the peacock and tarantula shot!! Pretty cool!

And warm weather is definitely a Monday maker...I'm ready for some warm weather here.

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness, sounds like fun! Yesterday was the day I declared that "I officially can't stand winter anymore." Snow on top of snow on top of ice is making this one long winter. I would like to be in the position of that warthog (a sentence I never thought I'd write) just so I can lie in the sun all day and do nothing!

Cheryl Lage said...

So thrilled when the kids intentionally select time with family! (Treasures like these photos speak VOLUMES!)

Your crew (and YOU!) Make My Monday!

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