Saturday, February 5, 2011

TUSAL update

Here is my update for the TUSAL ("totally useless stitchalong) hosted by Daffycat.  These are my orts for January.  I think I'll do what others are doing and empty these into a bigger jar and use this one again for February.

Does this make me a hoarder?  I confess I sometimes watch that show through Netflix and it's fascinating,  maybe because I worked with people with mental illness.  I just want to get them some help.  And I really want them to throw out their junk.

At least I acknowledge my sewing clippings are useless.  And I will throw them out.  Drama Girl wanted to save the big collection from last year but she forgot about it and I tossed them.  I think some people put them out in the spring for birds to use to build nests.  That must make for some colorful nests.

Hope you're having a great weekend.  It's not too late to link up to Finished for Friday!

4 people stopped folding laundry to write:

slow panic said...

Oh, I need to do this. Honestly every time I throw those little scraps and pieces of thread away I feel guilty. It is so stupid. But I think there must be something really creative I could do with them. I have no problem cleaning out the fridge, throwing out leftovers, maybe before they need to go, giving away clothes I could still wear, but it KILLS ME to toss the fabric scraps and threads

Ziggyeor said...

Nice job.

My clump of orts ended up taking the shape of the container so I made a rectangular tribble and it sits on my desk. I still need to hit it with spray adhesive to keep it together. My original plans was to use it as stuffing for a project.

One of my friends told me that you shouldn't throw out your floss for the birds because it's cotton and holds water and can damage the nest.

The Mother said...

I have a ton of orts. Mine are just at the bottom of my sewing basket, wrapped around my scissors.

Daffycat said...

A lovely TU update!

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