Monday, March 7, 2011

A Tale of Two Twins

Saturday was the California Music Educators Association Festival.  Music students appeared before judges to play solos and ensemble pieces and receive critiques and ratings of their performances.

Both twins have been practicing hard.  Wasabi Girl was up early for her morning session.  She dressed carefully, checked and double-checked her music, ate a good breakfast, and started pacing when it was time to go.  She had carefully planned her day and brought a change of clothes so she could volunteer for the afternoon shift.  She planned to have lunch with friends at a local sandwich shop in between.  She hauled both her alto saxophone and a borrowed tenor sax and her bag of clothes.

Jungle Boy was up early in his t-shirt and jeans for a morning volunteer shift.  We confirmed that we'd pick him up at noon so he could come home and change and get his trumpet.

Noon came, I went to the school - no Jungle Boy.  I frantically tore around, looking everywhere.  Nothing.  He didn't have his phone.  I figured someone must have given him a ride home so I returned.  Nope.  Missing.

He'd gone off with Wasabi Girl to grab lunch.  He was dropped off back at home with only a little time to spare.  I had his pants and shirt pressed and ready.  So of course he couldn't find any black socks.  I was starting to get a little frantic.  He suddenly remembered he had to have an extra copy of his music for the judge.  More time, copying and then messing around with the hole punch.  Almost time to play!

He grabbed his music and we were off in the car.  We got to the school, he got out and realized -- no TRUMPET!

It's the little things like actually having your instrument that make a performance really shine.

He jumped back in the car and we sped home, as fast as winding hilly roads and herds of deer (two! in the street!) would allow.  Grabbed the trumpet.  Back down the hill.  Only minutes to go.  He was holding up everyone in his quartet.

He made it in the nick of time, with almost no time to warm up.

You guessed it.  They both did an outstanding job.  Now I just have to call my hairdresser about all this gray hair that Jungle Boy gave me.

2 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Cheryl Lage said...

Isn't it funny how two that shared space and time in utero can be so very different, and so equally endearing?

Glad they both did so well! (and you survived!)

The Mother said...

My new job is adding grey rapidly--but Clairol #4red is a fabulous tool for correcting that.

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