Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordful Wednesday: Thirteen

The day has finally come.  I have three teenagers in the house.  The twins turned 13 during our trip to Disneyland.  There were many forms of celebration to mark the occasion.  For Wasabi Girl, there have also been a few rites of passage that she's been looking forward to.

First cup of coffee.  A latte.  She is posing here for effect. I thought with her personality and morning style she'd become a regular drinker.  She hasn't yet, much to my relief.  I don't need anyone else in the house snitching my favorite K-cups!

First mani-pedi.  The manicurist even added little painted flowers.  I told her this wont be a regular routine, but it was really fun to watch her enjoy the treat with a friend of hers.  Since Wasabi Girl is a gymnast, she was able to pose for this shot without bending her knees. 

Wordful Wednesday is hosted by Angie at Seven Clown Circus.

3 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Melissa said...

They grow way too fast...really hard to realize that my nine-year-old will be there in less than four years.

The Mother said...

This, too, shall pass. Then you'll have to buy more wine and beer when they come over.

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Congrats on surviving so far :)

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