Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Needlework Tuesday - WIPs

Heather over at Books and Quilts is hosting "Needlework Tuesday," where we can share what we're working on.  I always have many projects going (hello short attention span - ooh look!  shiny!) so it's not hard for me to show what's currently under my needle.  Hopefully these will each show up soon in a Finished for Friday.

This needlepoint nutcracker is stubbornly refusing my gentle efforts to block him, so I'm going to have to get a little tougher.  Then he needs some backstitching and I'll make him into a pillow.

The next in my series of Christmas houses, this bakery has the cross stitching done and now is ready for the thousand tiny seed beads.  Lots of hours ahead on this one.

The next block on my applique sampler quilt.  Pieces are prepped and I've stitched the post and vine.  I just laid the other pieces on so you can see how they go.  The birdhouse will have some additional details.  I am the slowest appliquer in the world. 

Flannel quilt in progress by the sewing machine.  It will probably be finished just in time for hot weather again!

I actually have more, but I'll save them for next time.  And yes, I do work on each of these each week.  Depends on my mood, concentration level, light level, alignment of the planets.  I like having lots of choices of things to work on at any given time.

Be sure to go visit Heather!

5 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Heather said...

Thanks for joining in the Needlework Tuesday fun.

Your projects are wonderful. I have had a kit to make and applique nut cracker for far too many years. I have pulled it out many times to give away, but just can't part with it. I really must stitch it up. I'll be looking forward to your progress on these beauties.

Melissa said...

Love the nutcracker - but then that might be why I collect them.:)

BTW I hadn't thought of Plato's ideal forms in relation to my thinking on symbols but you are right...

Tami said...

All great projects, but I especially love the Christmas house. Can't wait to see it with the bead added.

I'm joining the Needlework Tuesday group this week, trying to encourage myself to get back to crafting.

Marie said...

Great work! I love it all. I have trouble doing seasonal crafts sometimes. I spend so much time on them that I want to display them for more than 4 weeks a year. It doesn't stop me, though.

It's great to have another person for Needlework Tuesday!

Katie said...

Love the nutcracker; so did my ballet obsessed daughter looking over my shoulder! taking sewing lessons this year to go from basic skills to clothes making..its a journey! stopping by from Brighton park (your button is on my blog :-) . love, katie

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