Sunday, July 24, 2011

Home Again

Saxophone with mouthpiece and supply of reeds: $$$$

Weekly music lessons:$$

Enrollment at jazz camp: $$$

Earning the right to put a cool sticker on your saxophone case?  Priceless.

Wasabi Girl is back from her jazz camp.  She had a fabulous time, learned a lot, and met some jazz legends.  Her session had 185 boys and 25 girls - who are all her new best friends.

Jungle Boy got back late last night from his month at ABT.  I'm still getting the stories from him.  His camp had 220 girls and 9 boys.  How did this happen that both of my twins went to camps where they were a decided minority?

Jungle Boy met a special girl - who lives halfway across the country.  He started drinking coffee to deal with all the early mornings and he decided that dorm food can't hold a candle to home cooking.  Luckily for him there was a fresh batch of cookies waiting for him when he got home last night.

Think of me today - it looks like I have a ton of laundry to get through.  It's worth every bit of it to have everyone home again!

2 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Alisa said...

Glad they're both home safe and sound with wonderful stories to fill you in on. Enjoy the laundry.

Branlaadee said...

Glad everyone made it home safely! Grats to the kids for thinking outside the box gender box for their loves.

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