Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's all about the music

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Miles would be proud

I admit I'm pretty excited that Wasabi Girl is showing an interest in vintage jazz. Music has always been such a huge part of my life that I know what rewards it brings.  The sooner kids discover great music the longer they have to enjoy it.

Jungle Boy is the classical music kid.  He can tell you all about composers and especially trumpet concertos, since he plays the trumpet.

Drama Girl?  Her love of music is firmly grounded in top 40, which is all fine too.  She spent a day last week with Lady Gaga turned up loud while she practiced pirouettes in the family room.  No legs were broken - on Drama Girl or the furniture, so I guess it all ended well.

As for me, my first love will always be classical music, but I listen to a lot of different styles.  I used to say I hated country music until I set up a sewing area in the garage.  There was only one radio station that I could pick up there - guess who really likes country music now?

How about you?  What genres make you smile?

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Branlaadee said...

I love music. I cant sing on tune to save my life or anyone else's, but I sing anyway. I guess i am mostly a rock n roll/alternative type gal, but that doesnt stop me from listening to everything else.

I love to put my iTunes on random and let it do it's thing. Here's a quick taste of my random...Rihanna, Mozart, Def Leppard, Dion, Metallica, Sarah McLachlan, U2, The Ramones, Phantom of the Opera, Johnny Cash....you get the idea.

Not much jazz though. I just cant get into it. Although, I do have a Coltrain album.

Majid Ali said...

Would you be please kind enough to make my day?

Melissa said...


Michelle said...

I LOVE music! I'm very eclectic in my taste too! I made my own station which can be Harry Connick Jr. one minute, flip to the Beatles, flip to Marilyn Manson, flip to Kenny Chesney, flip to Dean Martin...etc! My husband thinks I'm nuts but I catch him singing along now to the silliest of things. My daughter says I ruined her (because she does the same) but she always says it with a smile. :)

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