Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why I Shouldn't Make Table Runners

Cats are attracted to quilts.  I get it.  I've had cats for a long time.  I train my cats to stay off counters and tables however, and for the most part, they get it.  But in the last week there has been an alarming amount of misbehavior, mostly associated with the Fall decorating.  Most of these pictures were taken by the kids, who grab the camera regularly to collect photo evidence for me.

Dear cats, let's be clear; this is where you can hang out.  A nice black blanket at the foot of the bed.  To match your black fur.  (So why is it always covered in white hair?)

This nice wool table runner is NOT your bed.

I don't care if it's a good place for a bath.  Your cuteness will not sway me.

This perch by the window?  Perfectly acceptable.  Hang out here all you want.  I see you're enjoying the batting scraps I put there to keep it cozy.  Have fun watching the squirrels on the fence.

This new runner I just made?  Completely off limits!  I haven't even had a chance to post it on Finished for Friday yet.

I give up.  You're not supposed to be up on this table either.  If you do this while I'm home and you know I'm going to go after you with the squirt gun, what the heck do you do when we're all out of the house?  Raid the refrigerator?? (Sorry for the blur - need to school the junior photographers on proper flash use).

So maybe I should give up on table runners entirely.  Or just call them something else - like CAT BEDS.

5 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Cheryl Lage said...

How can you resist their cute little antics?
(Although I must say, our dog's new trend of upturning the trash can for scraps is not pleasing animal misbehavior is understood...)

Will look forward to seeing the runner soon on FFF! said...

And how did you train them not to leap on benches and tables.
I have a kitten arboreal here.

Melissa said...

I'd go with calling them cat beds...

Anti-Supermom said...

That is too funny!

Shell said...

You look like you have your work cut out with these pair .. they are adorable though :)

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