Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Epic progress

I was asked in the comments last time if I could reveal what my epic project is.  It's called "Snow White Discovers the Cottage" and it's part of the Disney Dreams collection.  The finished project will look like this:

Clicking on the picture will take you to a site where you can purchase it.

Here is my progress so far:

I'm working my way across the top and will fill down so I can roll the piece on my stretcher bars.  This is the first time I've gridded out a big piece like this and it really makes the stitching go faster.

Billions of color changes keep it interesting but it requires a lot of concentration.

Meanwhile, Jungle Boy is continuing to do auditions for ballet summer programs and everyone in the house is taking turns being sick.  I've been lucky so far on that score!

2 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Tami said...

I am flabbergasted! I've done some large x-stitch projects, but you are the Queen of Stitching! This is gorgeous and I can't wait to follow along on your progress. I've kind of lost my patience with stitching lately, but maybe you'll inspire me to get back to it.

Melissa said...

Wow - talk about a major project!!

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